Why Honey and Lemon Are So Good for Our Health

In addition to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, honey has important factors in terms of human health such as controlling cholesterol levels, managing diabetes, treating stomach problems, fighting infections, and increasing energy. Lemon is a natural antibiotic that contains high levels of vitamin C. It increases the body resistance against diseases such as colds and flu and strengthens the immune system. It provides protection against high blood pressure, anemia, and asthma, especially infections. The antioxidants in lemon prevent the development of tumors and cancer. So, do honey and lemon together are good for our health?

When we mix honey and lemon, the vitamin C ratio increases and the antioxidant effect gets stronger. Lemon, which is a vitamin C store, contains many flavonoids and phenolic components that have an antioxidant effect. These ingredients are in a greater amount in the peel than the juice of the lemon. Lemon juice is rich in Eriocitrin and Hesperidin flavonoids, but the Naringin flavonoid found in the peel is strong enough to provide the many vitamins together. And unfortunately, most of the time, we can only take advantage of the juice of lemons and throw away their peel. However, when we wash the lemon peels thoroughly for 5 minutes in warm water and add 1 spoon of honey and lemon juice, we can obtain a good antibacterial, antiseptic, and antioxidant honey and lemon mixture.

Honey and Lemon Mixture with Linden: A Natural Remedy for Colds

Linden, honey, and lemon mixture, which are considered to be the ancestors of herbal mixtures, have been the natural remedies against diseases for centuries. The miraculous mixture that leaves an enormous taste on the palates with its taste and smell is a panacea. The mixture of linden, honey, and lemon, which is very effective from relentless diseases to seasonal diseases, is the pioneer of modern and traditional medicine.

The mixture is a healing miracle with the essential oils, sugar, tannins, oxidase, saponin, resin, flavone, mucilage, organic acids, farnesol, and manganese that linden contains, ascorbic acid, phenolic substances, tocopherol and flavonoids in honey, which has a softening effect, and vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and folic acid components in lemon along with its antibiotic properties.

Health Benefits of Linden, Honey and Lemon

A combination of honey, lemon, and linden, which have natural antibiotic properties, increases the body resistance in the flu, cold, and bronchitis diseases that are common in winter, and helps the germs and bacteria to be removed from the body quickly. The miraculous mixture that shows an anti-inflammatory effect by preventing bacterial growth against inflammations occurring in the throat prevents throat diseases and prevents cough and dryness. Its most important feature is that it has a natural expectorant effect.

If honey and lemon are included in the linden’s relaxing effect, the mixture will have an energizing feature and prevents tiredness, fatigue, and weakness in the body. When it is consumed in the morning, it helps the body to stay fit by preventing the destruction that occurs in the body. The miraculous mixture that prevents acne and inflammation formation in individuals who have skin problems, helps to protect the health of the skin as well. Vitamin C, which is abundant in lemon, helps the skin to look moist and bright thanks to the minerals rich in honey and linden. It also helps to dry and eliminate inflamed pimples with its natural antibiotic effect.

The miraculous mixture, which shows very good results in stomach diseases, prevents stomach indigestion, gastritis, and heartburn by keeping the stomach acid in balance. A cup of honey, linden, and lemon consumption on an empty stomach will help your stomach relax and stop nausea. The mixture, which prevents burrs, blurring, and eye inflammation due to eye diseases, protect your eye health, and prevents inflammation formations. Thanks to the vitamins B1, B2, and B6, it improves the eyesight.

The mixture of honey, linden, and lemon, which has a relaxing effect in stress, depression, and psychological traumas due to the nervous systems, helps the body to calm down and helps the nervous systems to relax. The miraculous mixture that prevents microbial and bacterial formation against infections occurring in the vascular access routes, prevents blood and blood vessel obstructions and accelerates blood transport from the vessels. It also keeps blood circulation in balance by expanding the vessels. Other benefits of honey, lemon, and linden mix include:

  • It prevents the formation of microbes in the body.
  • It shows a natural antibiotic effect against infectious diseases.
  • It relieves dry throat and sore throats.
  • It has a natural expectorant effect.
  • It makes the skin beautiful.
  • It opens the bronchi and relaxes the airways.
  • It improves hoarseness in a short time.
  • Thanks to the choline substance, it cleans the liver.
  • It gives energy to the body.
  • It prevents impotence by increasing sexual power.
  • Thanks to iron, vitamin C, and vitamin B, it strengthens the bone structure.
  • It protects oral health and heals intra-oral wounds.
  • It prevents indigestion.
  • It prevents tumor formation due to cancer diseases.
  • It has a calming and pain-relieving feature during periods.

Honey, and Lemon with Ginger: The Magnificent Trio

Spring knocked on our door, we left the cold winter days behind. But still, the weather is not very hot. Changing air temperatures throughout the day reduces our body resistance and invites diseases. Herbal tea is one of the best choices to increase our body resistance during seasonal transitions. When we consume herbal teas with the right mixes, we can increase the potency and come through the transition periods in a healthier way. Ginger, honey, and lemon are among the most effective mixtures we can consume in this period.

When used properly, ginger, honey, and lemon, which have many benefits for health, increase the potency of each other. This mixture, which is used as a potion in traditional medicine, is very effective against rising infection risks, especially in seasonal transitions. Although there are different types and components of honey, we can say that it is a food rich in B complex vitamins and vitamin C, calcium, sodium, phosphate, potassium, and magnesium. Thanks to these properties, it has high antibacterial and antiseptic properties that strengthen our body’s natural defense mechanisms against harmful microorganisms.

When ginger is added to the honey and lemon mixture, we get a wonderful mixture. Ginger is used effectively in traditional medicine and today’s pharmaceutical industry, whether as ginger root or as a powder spice, it has many health benefits in both uses. Ginger contains plenty of vitamins A, B6, C and D, essential oils and phenol compounds, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, cobalamin, fiber, and protein. Ginger, which is a powerful antioxidant because of these components, cleans oxides in our body, helps toxin excretion and digestion strengthens digestion, accelerates the functioning of the intestines, increases the absorption of beneficial minerals by strengthening our intestinal flora.

The Benefits of Ginger, Honey and Lemon Mixture

This is how we can summarize the main reasons why we get a great blend of ginger, honey, and lemon. In this part of the article, we will consider these benefits individually. However, we would like to point out that herbal teas do not have a therapeutic feature of diseases, but are a secondary method that supports the main treatment. If you are experiencing one or more of the health problems we will talk about here, you should contact your physician immediately and consume honey and lemon and ginger mixture under the supervision of your physician to support your treatment.

We put the effect of strengthening the immune system in the first place about the benefits of ginger with lemon and honey. One of the most common mistakes related to infections is to request unnecessary antibiotics from the physician. However, almost 90 percent of infections, especially in seasonal transitions, are viral infections, and antibiotics have no benefit in these cases, and their damage to our intestinal flora is high. But we can consume ginger with honey and lemon to strengthen our immune system, whether in viral infections, other infections, or even before we get sick. A mixture of lemon and ginger with honey, which strengthens our body’s natural defense mechanism against viruses, contributes greatly to our survival.

Ginger, which is mostly consumed as a tea, is especially good for upper respiratory infections and colds. Ginger, which increases our body resistance against inflammation and bacteria as well as flu infections, strengthens our natural defense mechanisms against harmful microorganisms because it has restorative effects on the mucous layer. If you consume ginger with honey and lemon, which is a powerful natural antibiotic even when used alone, your recovery process will speed up.

Ginger, honey, and lemon mixture have a protective effect against cancer. Combining vitamin C, flavonoids, and phenolic ingredients in honey, lemon, and ginger, a very powerful weapon against cancer appears. Moreover, this mixture is an antioxidant, as well as activating antioxidants from different vegetables and fruits. Among the benefits of ginger with lemon and honey, its protective effect against cancer comes from creating a natural defense shield against free radicals. These foods, which are good sources of antioxidants even when used alone, increase their potency when they are consumed together.

As well as ginger, honey, and lemon mixture protects from cancer, it also makes an important contribution to the destruction of cancerous cells. According to scientific studies on the subject, lemon extract makes a significant contribution to the destruction of cancer cells in many cancer types, especially colon, breast, prostate, and lung cancer, by slowing the proliferation of cancer cells. When you consume lemon, which is a strong source of vitamin C with honey and ginger, you can fight against cancer by increasing the antioxidant level in your body. However, let us remind you that honey and lemon ginger is not a form of treatment, it is a secondary method that helps the treatment.

We put the anti-inflammatory effect on the third place in our list about the benefits of ginger with lemon and honey. We have already mentioned above that ginger has restorative effects on the mucous layer. The main reason for this effect is the substance called gingerol in ginger. The word ginger used in Western languages ​​as a substitute for ginger refers to this item. Ginger, a food rich in gingerol, has an anti-inflammatory effect and contributes to the reduction of swelling and pain caused by inflammation. Vitamins, flavonoids, and phenolic components in honey and lemon increase the potency of gingerol and accelerate the healing process of inflammations. You can effectively take advantage of lemon and ginger with honey, especially against inflammation of the uterus and urinary tract infections.

The benefits of ginger with lemon and honey have also the effect of lowering fever and reducing sweating. Essential oils and phenol compounds in ginger, an extremely beneficial nutrient for removing toxins from our body, are the main reason for this effect. As a matter of fact, essential oils and phenol compounds are very effective in controlling and relieving the symptoms of fever, accelerating toxin excretion from the body, and soothing effects on the body. When you consume ginger with honey and lemon, these effects will appear faster and stronger. While using ginger as antipyretic, you can choose ginger oil for external use. Ginger oil is especially useful for reducing fever in children.

Another one is the effect of helping digestion and facilitating digestion. Potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphate, and other beneficial minerals and organic acids contained in honey, lemon, and ginger strengthen digestive stomach fluids and contribute to digestion processes. You can feel this effect of ginger tea with honey and lemon in the first sip. For example, when you eat too much, you can easily prepare and consume ginger tea with lemon and honey to relax your stomach.

Honey and lemon with ginger, which contributes greatly to removing toxins from our body, also removes toxins accumulating in our skin, is good for wounds and spots, and prevents acne. This mixture, which speeds up the blood flow to the skin, helps to reveal the natural beauty of the skin. The beneficial minerals and vitamins in its composition support the metabolic activities of skin cells, accelerate the healing of wounds on the skin, give the skin a vibrant and bright appearance, increase the elasticity of the skin. As it removes free radicals from the skin, it provides natural protection against skin cancer.

About the benefits of ginger with lemon and honey, it also protects brain health and strengthens memory thanks to B complex vitamins, is good for headaches and nervous diseases, protects heart health thanks to antioxidants, accelerates fat burning, is a good energy source thanks to honey in it, and increases performance when used before sports.

Honey and Lemon in Herbal Teas

Herbal Teas and the Miracle of Nature: Honey

Honey, which is formed by processing the fruit buds and nectars collected from plants by taking them into chemical reaction with a special enzyme called invertase enzyme, is a very useful food with its rich vitamin and mineral composition. The invertase enzyme used by bees that turn fruit buds and nectar into honey turns sucrose into fructose and glucose, that is, a simple sugar. The honey accumulated in the honeycomb cells in the beehives reaches its known taste and consistency thanks to a special ventilation system provided by the bees to prevent fermentation.

The differences in the color, smell, sugar balance, and taste of the honey stem from the collected nectars. 900 thousand bees have to work throughout the day to collect half a kilo of raw nectar. Although the nutritional value of honey varies according to the type, we can say that there is an average of 75 grams of carbohydrates, 17 grams of water, 0.4 grams of protein, 47 mg of potassium, 5 mg of calcium, 2.4 mg of vitamin C and 1.3 mg of iron in 100 grams of honey. Due to this composition, honey has high antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Daily regular consumption of honey strengthens the body’s natural defense mechanisms against harmful microorganisms and is good for wounds and cuts. Among the benefits of honey, it is possible to mention the features such as renewing the skin, opening the veins, increasing the sight, cleaning the liver.

Besides honey as a bee product, propolis is also a miracle of nature. Being among the most effective natural antibiotics, propolis is not only good for infections such as colds and flu, but it is also good for many diseases from all kinds of inflammation to cancer cases. Propolis, which bees use to clean the hive mostly, protects the hive against external effects, harmful substances, and microorganisms. The composition of propolis contains higher amounts of iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, and B complex vitamins, flavonoid oils, and various amino acids compared to honey.

Honey, which has many benefits for health when used properly, has an enhancing effect on herbal teas. However, you need to pay attention to your honey consumption. As we mentioned above, 100 grams of honey contains an average of 75 grams of carbohydrates, and if you consume the excess honey, it is possible to gain weight. Moreover, since the structure of honey consists of sugar and mixes rapidly into the blood, it has the effect of increasing blood sugar fast. Therefore, if you have a chronic disease, you should definitely consult your physician before consuming honey.

Some herbal teas can be a bit bitter in taste. For example, balm tea, which is known by names such as “lemon balm” or “lemon mint”, has a nice scent, but the taste is bitter for many. When you consume the balm tea, which has a calming and relaxing effect, with 1 spoon of honey, you can increase both its flavor and its potency. However, if you prefer balm tea for a comfortable sleep, you should be careful while using honey. Because honey has an accelerating effect on metabolism and makes it difficult to fall asleep. If you want to consume honey to be protected from infections, you can consume it by adding 1 spoon of honey in linden, green tea, rosehip tea, or ginger tea. Indeed, these beverages, which are among the flu-fighting beverages, contain abundant flavors and many useful substances such as linalool, geraniol, and farnesol. When these ingredients combine with honey, they are absorbed faster with sugar in honey and release their effects much more quickly.

Herbal Teas and the Vitamin Paradise: Lemon

Lemon, known as a vitamin C store, is rich in vitamins A, B6, and E, as well as vitamins such as folate, niacin, thiamine, riboflavin, and pantothenic acid. Lemon juice contains abundant flavonoids. The flavonoids that lemon contains makes it a strong antimicrobial and antibacterial agent. The peel of lemon is also a vitamin store as well as its juice.

When lemon is added to herbal teas, the ratio of vitamin C increases, and the antioxidant effect of herbal tea is strengthened. For example, according to research on green tea, green tea with lemon is 7 times stronger than plain green tea. Because substances such as flavonoids, catechin, and polyphenols in green tea become much more effective when combined with substances such as vitamin C, citric acid, calcium, copper, magnesium in lemon. Whether viral infections or other infections, especially during the seasonal transitions and in the winter, you can choose lemon herbal teas to strengthen your immune system. For example, ginger with honey and lemon may be a good choice.

Ginger contains many vitamins such as vitamin A, B6, C and D, essential oils and phenol compounds, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, cobalamin, fiber, and protein. Ginger, which is a powerful antioxidant because of these components, becomes much more effective when combined with lemon. By consuming regular honey, lemon, and ginger, you can remove oxides from your body and relax your digestive system. You can reduce your indigestion problems, speed up the functioning of your intestines, and increase the absorption of beneficial minerals that will strengthen your intestinal flora.

Benefits of Honey and Lemon to the Skin

Your skin that you clean with warm water and soap when you wake up every morning requires more careful care. It should be such care that it should not leave blackheads or acne. You won’t need a miracle to make your face look more lively and bright. You can do this care by opening the refrigerator and getting some lemon and honey. Moreover, in the most economical way. And without any trouble. In this article, I will include the masks necessary for your skin beauty. In its most natural form, the benefits of the honey and lemon mask are as follows:

  • Facial masks made with honey and lemon eliminate dead cells in your skin thanks to lemon’s antioxidant feature.
  • It allows you to look healthier by renewing tissue and cells.
  • It leaves your pale, dry, and tired skin in the past and makes you younger.
  • At the same time, the honey lemon mask removes acne spots and prevents the formation of acne.

  • Since honey is a nutrient that renews the skin, it is the most natural mask in your home. It is also a natural cream that moisturizes the skin.
  • Masks made with honey can be applied not only to the face area but also on the worn areas such as hands and feet, hair, and elbows. Thus, it renews the cells in the place where it is applied.
  • Thanks to the inhibin substance in honey, inflammations in the place where it is applied are eliminated. For this reason, masks made with honey will give positive results in problems such as acne.

Honey Lemon Facial Mask Recipes

In cases where you will mask your skin with honey, it is necessary to take into account the feature of your skin. Different kinds of honey are recommended for oily and dry skin. When applying flower honey for normal and dry skin; pine honey is more suitable for oily skin. The resin of pine honey will have a better effect on oily skin. When you want to apply skin masks made with honey and lemon and sometimes with a few ingredients, the following recipes should be kept in mind:

  • Honey and Lemon Mask

The honey and lemon mask you will make with two ingredients is very economical and practical. You can apply the mask on your skin by mixing honey and lemon juice. It should not be forgotten that; If you want to see the effect of the masks, you can apply some steam to your skin before the mask. If you apply steam on your face, your pores will open.




Apply the mixture on your face, leave for at least 20 minutes.
It is recommended to use it 2 or 3 times a week to see its effect.

  • Avocado Honey Lemon Mask

If your skin is dry and pale we will recommend this vitamin mask.




What you need to do is; Add 2 tablespoons of crushed avocado, 1 tablespoon of honey and add a few drops of lemon.
Apply the resulting mixture on your skin, leave it on for 15 minutes.
Then clean with warm water and apply moisturizer to your skin.

  • Honey Lemon Aspirin Mask

With this mixture prepared with the anti-inflammatory feature of aspirin, you can eliminate your acne. Let’s also mention that it is dangerous for those who are allergic to aspirin to try this mixture.




Melt 3 aspirin with a teaspoon of water.
Then add half a teaspoon of honey.
Mix it with a few drops of lemon.
Apply to your skin.
Once a week use will be sufficient.

  • Honey Lemon Yogurt Mask

You can eliminate acne in a short time with this mask, which is especially effective for acne during adolescence. The naturalness of the honey and yogurt you will use should also be carefully selected. Otherwise, it will show its effect to a minimum.




Mix 2 tablespoons of yogurt and 1 tablespoon of honey and add a few drops of lemon juice.
Apply the resulting mixture to the area where the pimples are dense.
After waiting 15 minutes, clean your skin with warm water.
It will remove blackheads and pimples.
You will notice its effect with regular use once a week.

  • Turmeric Honey Lemon Mask

Your skin may fade slightly after stressful times. Sometimes your face may look tired after illnesses. In such cases, you can freshen up with a turmeric mask.


Powder turmeric


Mix a teaspoon of turmeric with 1 tablespoon of honey and add a couple of drops of lemon.
Apply the cream you get on your face.
This mask will tighten your pores and lighten your skin with regular use.

  • Honey Lemon Baking Soda Mask

To get rid of the dead skin on your face, you should definitely apply this mask twice a week.


Baking soda


1 teaspoon of baking soda, 1 tablespoon of honey, a few drops of lemon are mixed in a small bowl.
It is applied to the face, not too close to the eye area.
Baking soda will remove dead skin and your skin will revitalize with the effect of lemon.
It will be enough to keep this mask for 10 minutes.

  • Ginger Honey Lemon Mask

You can give your skin a botox effect with a mixture of ginger and honey.


Fresh ginger
Olive oil


To prepare the mask that tightens pores, grate 4 pieces of thin slices of ginger.
Mix with 1 teaspoon of pure olive oil.
Add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and honey to this mixture.
It will be more efficient to apply this mask at night.
If you do during the day, you should stay away from daylight for 2 hours after the mask.
It is enough to keep it 15 minutes on your face. You can apply it every 5 weeks.

  • Banana Honey Lemon Mask

When applied twice a week, you will notice that your skin is shining, wrinkled areas are renewed and your skin is soft.




Grind one medium banana and add 1 teaspoon of honey.
Cream into a few drops with lemon juice.
Apply on your face for 15 minutes.
Then rinse your skin.

  • Rice Honey Lemon Mask

You can feel better by applying skincare by using Japanese women’s beauty secret rice.




Soak 3 teaspoons of rice in warm water.
Then strain the water.
Add 1 teaspoon of honey and milk into the water.
If you wish, you can add a few drops of lemon juice.
Apply this water, which turns into a cream with honey, on your skin.
It will be an ideal mask, especially for dry skin.
It will be productive to apply once a week.
You will notice the freshness coming to your skin in regular use.

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