Which Honey-Baked Ham Is The Best?

The best honey-baked ham is considered to be fully cooked, boned, and spirally cut ham covered with honey, although it is both controversial and may vary from person to person. Honey coverage provides a magnificent coating texture, makes the ham you eat more mouthwatering both visually and tastefully. It is very easy to find in the grocery store, but you should either pay attention to the label or indicate it specifically to the seller in order to buy exactly what you want.

Ham Glaze

Baked ham has quite a different taste. Particular attention should be paid to the salt balance. The excessive salt content can be balanced by using ham glaze. This honey glaze adds an extra flavor to the ham. In addition to the extra flavor it adds, it also makes it more attractive as an image. The caramelization it provides, by providing a magnificent coating texture, makes the ham you eat more mouthwatering both visually and tastefully.

Honey-baked ham is all about sweet and salty balance. While ham is a very salty food on its own, acidity balance is created when it is covered with honey. With the extra spices you add, it is possible to make a taste more suitable and delicious for your taste and preference. Thanks to the spices you add, baked ham is not just a sweet food.

The ingredients to be used for honey-baked ham are more or less the same. Honey, granulated sugar, brown sugar, maple syrup, or even any kind of jam you want can be used. The acidity you will give comes from the vinegar, mustard, or fruit juice you add. In many recipes you will encounter in the market, there is no such thing as adding spices. But this is like expecting a 5-star result with a missing ingredient. It remains incomplete. You cannot get the taste you want. So don’t be afraid or hesitate to add spices. You can add any spice you want, in any quantity. Ultimately, it is up to your taste and preference to make your ham the most delicious.

Honey Baked Ham Ingredients

  • Honey: We cannot say that it is an indispensable ingredient, but honey is the most used one. It is beneficial to prefer a light-colored type. It will also make baked ham more delicious because of its milder taste.
  • Sugar: It acts the same as honey. Take care to use granulated sugar to increase the taste of honey.
  • Apricot preserves: Adds a multi-dimensional flavor. It might look like an interesting ingredient, but it’s easily available in almost any grocery store.
  • Apple cider vinegar: If you do not want an extremely sweet taste, it is an ingredient you should use especially. It is never recommended to use any type of vinegar other than apple cider vinegar. The fruit flavor in apple cider vinegar balances the sharp sweet taste.
  • Dijon mustard: We can definitely say that it is an interesting ingredient. It has a sharp and strong flavor. It is recommended to use it in small amounts, not large amounts, and only to balance the taste.
  • Spices: The indispensable ingredient for making honey-baked raw should be spices. You can choose according to your own taste, or you may need to add according to the recipes you will follow. The fact that honey is in perfect harmony with many spices also facilitates these choices. It allows you to create fascinating flavors. Cinnamon, onion powder, garlic powder, ground sage, dried parsley, nutmeg, ground ginger, ground clove, red pepper, pepper, and ancho pepper powder are among the most preferred spices.

The Honey Baked Ham® Company

They are the producers of the ham, known today as the most delicious ham in the world. Its founder, Harry, has demonstrated a unique taste by using a different and special type of ham. The skill is not only in the ham itself but also in the different cooking techniques used. A special technique has been used to create a unique taste.

The Honey Baked Ham Company always offers its customers the first quality products. They always like to surprise their customers with tastes of different flavors as well as classic tastes. This is the reason why they produce the best quality products and are engraved in everyone’s memory. They have always been and will continue to be a frequent destination for customers who are not happy with the new products produced by other companies and say they can’t make new hams like they used to.

The Honey Baked Ham® Company still makes their products old-fashioned and with old recipes because they think it’s the best. The salt balance is just right, the sweet balance is just right, and there is always a type that suits everyone’s taste. They offer unique flavors in every variety, every color, and every bite.

One of the most important points that brought Honey Baked Ham® to its current popularity and preference is its crisp glaze and spiral slicing process. Since they produce products that are easy to serve, they have become an indispensable brand of holiday dining tables. The hams, which are highly appreciated and loved by families, friends, and relatives, have become very popular over the years and have started to take their place at the dining table on special occasions.

Although the company changed hands over the years, it had a commitment to continue the production as on the first day. Honey Baked Jambon® started to grow at this point, to produce by-products, and to add different flavors to its product catalog. It has always guaranteed its customers satisfaction. The hams they have produced had such a different ratio in terms of taste and satisfaction that consumers always have their place for dessert in their stomachs.

Honey Baked Ham® For The Holidays

Honey Baked Ham® offers its consumers the most delicious holiday ham you can find on the market. Hams that you are going to buy from Honey Baked Ham Company are smoked for about 24 hours. A special blend of flavors is used while smoking. It is not possible to find a more delicious, yummy, and juicy ham in order to feed your family and your guests on special occasions or holidays. There are many different choices available on their websites to choose from according to your taste and preferences. They purpose convenient options. You will spend less time in order to prepare meals and will spend more time with your family and guests on holidays.

Especially on traditional holidays, Honey Baked Ham® will be your lifesaver. Because ham is the center of these traditions and there is no need to spend extra time and effort in order to prepare. They deliver requested ham with the highest quality. The only thing you need to do is taking them out from the fridge and spend quality time with your family and guests.


The Honey Baked Ham® offers different ordering options to their customers. You can choose the proper way according to your choice, your address, and your preference. There are many variables included in this selection process. The only thing you need to be careful about is that it will be your benefit to order early than you actually need it. Because there is limited production on some ham types, you may find it difficult to find the type of ham you love. At that time, you have time for a new production to be made for you or you can choose a new ham. You can order online, by phone, or by mail.

Order Online
  • It is the easiest order form.
  • It is a very safe and useful method.
  • You can order with different addresses and different quantities at the same time.
  • You can set your delivery date and time.
  • If you are sending it as a gift, you can add any note you want.
Customer Care Hours (1-800-367-7720)
  • Monday – Friday: 9 am to 6 pm
  • Saturday: 10 am to 4 pm
  • Sunday: Closed
Order by Phone (1-800-367-2426)
  • You should have the address details, desired ham details, and credit card information ready when ordering by phone.
  • You can set your delivery date and time.
Order by Email
  • You have to fill in the order form prepared by the company.
  • Email the completed form to [email protected].
  • Confirmation of your order takes place within 48 hours.

The Values The Honey Baked Ham® Has

  • They love what they do.

It is a family-owned company. Their commitment is very obvious in everything they do and produce. They love their jobs, their products, and their brand.

  • Serving others is their priority.

Their importance is their customers. They always use “we” as an object instead of “me”. Because they believe in the power of words. They show their respect to their customers genuinely. They are aware of the fact that the company runs thanks to their customers.

  • They give importance to do the right thing the most.

Providing the best quality and doing the right thing is always very essential for them. They value their customer and customers’ trust a lot. They want to be the best and leave the best impression on their customers.

  • They aim to grow.

They encourage their employees always. It is important to feel as a whole for them because they believe that innovation comes with evolving the business and hardworking. They are never scared of trying new things.

  • They have fun while working and making their customers satisfied.

They never do boring stuff. They do not take everything too seriously even the work itself. Because they know that life is short and they have to have fun. They always celebrate everything even the smallest details.

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What Are the Points You Should Pay Attention to When Storing Honey?

  • In order for honey not to lose its natural properties, it should be stored in places away from heat and light.
  • Darkening in color and changes in chemical structure are observed in jars of honey exposed to heat for a long time.
  • Crystallization can also be seen in honey that is kept between 10-15 degrees, refrigerated, or exposed to frequent temperature changes.
  • The ideal honey storage temperature is between 18-24 degrees.
  • Another important point is to keep the honey closed. Otherwise, honey can absorb odors and moisture in the environment.
  • Honey should preferably be stored in a glass jar and it should be ensured that the jar lids are tightly closed.
  • Honey should be stored away from sunlight and heat.
  • Honey should not be placed in the refrigerator and should be protected from extreme cold as well.
  • The ideal temperature for storing honey is room temperature.
  • Honey should not be stored in open cans or bowls.
  • The amount of honey should be taken from the jar to be consumed.
  • The jar in which you will put the honey should not be moist either. Because humidity has negative effects on honey.
  • It should be put in boxes so that the bad smells and humidity outside will not permeate your honey.
  • It should be placed away from heat sources such as an oven or stove.

What Should Be Done When Honey Crystallizes?

It is quite natural to observe crystallization, especially in honey that is stored at the wrong temperature or stored in the refrigerator. Crystallization of honey is a natural phenomenon and is described as the transition of sugars in honey from liquid to solid. In such a case, the jar of honey should be placed in a bowl filled with warm water and stirred until the crystals dissolve.

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