Sweeten Your Tea with Honey

The active ingredients in honey tea have a drug-like effect on heart disease, cancer, and digestive system diseases. The strength of the super duo in the immune system has been scientifically proven. Tea and honey are two indispensable food items in our daily lives. In our study, we wanted to see how these two antioxidant-rich foods will work together. In the study, we used 4 types of honey, pine honey, poly floral (collected from mixed regions), local and monofloral (sunflower) to see if it makes a difference in terms of affecting the results. We mixed this mixture into ready-to-drink teas at different temperatures.

The effects of different temperatures on the HMF (hydroxymethylfurfural) and diastase values ​​(natural enzymes) of honey were also analyzed. It was observed that total phenolic content increased at all temperatures when honey was added to tea. This increase took place in the range of 25-35 percent. Similarly, the total antioxidant capacity of honey is added to the tea at all temperatures, indicating an increase in the range of 70-90 degrees took place at an average rate of 50 percent.

Prevent Diseases With Honey Tea

Black, green or herbal teas are healthy drinks that contain small amounts of fluorine minerals, mostly flavonoids, and antioxidants. While brewing tea, many compounds are mixed, ranging from caffeine to antioxidants in the water, giving the water a dark color. It is proven scientifically that regular tea drinking can reduce the risk of having a heart attack, can strengthen immunity depending on the amino acid Thiamine amount, can increase bone density, prevent tooth decay and kidney stone formation.

Studies in recent years report that the healthiest food to be added to tea to increase the concentration of antioxidants in it as well as making it healthier is honey. Because, thanks to the natural enzymes and antioxidants in honey, when added to the tea, it melts and increases the antioxidant capacity of tea by approximately 50 percent. Adding honey to your tea instead of sugar, which has the potential to trigger cancer, appears to be really beneficial.

If the tea is drunk too dark, an iron deficiency invites anemia. Tannins in dark tea can cause digestive difficulties by reducing bowel movements. However, if honey is added and each type of tea is prepared by brewing it open, bowel movements are accelerated and there is no problem of increasing blood pressure. If tea is drunk by adding 1-2 drops of lemon as well as honey, the active ingredients that cause iron deficiency anemia will disappear. Honey’s antiseptic, gas expectorant, and nausea-removing effects are also evident when added into herbal teas such as linden, sage, chamomile tea, rosehip, and rosemary. For this reason, I recommend you to brew your tea and drink it with honey as a nutritionist.

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Benefits of Green Tea with Honey

There are many benefits of drinking green tea with honey. Green tea, which is consumed a lot in the Far East countries, is becoming more and more popular in the world and replaces black tea and coffee. Never add sugar to green tea, since honey and green tea is the ideal one for you. Green tea not only protects you against aging but also improves your mental functions and increases your intelligence. If you drink green tea with honey, you will increase both the flavor and the vitamins necessary for your brain health.

Green tea and honey improve brain concentration and support neuron health. Green tea and honey are two great foods for your brain. The amount of caffeine in green tea is less than coffee, so it doesn’t load caffeine into your body like coffee, and drinking green tea keeps you fit and alert all day long.

Weight loss: The benefit here is twofold: Green tea not only helps you to lose weight by increasing your metabolic rate but also preferring this drink instead of other sugary drinks helps to reduce weight by reducing your calorie intake.

Less stress: Theanine amino acid in green tea is known for its calming effect. Studies show that increased pulse and blood pressure can decrease. Theanine consumption reduces stress and provides relief by making positive effects on anxiety.

Cancer prevention: Some studies have suggested that green tea can help eliminate cancer cells.

Reduced risk of diabetes: Green tea can help prevent sudden increases in blood sugar after meals and high insulin values. This also helps prevent body fat storage.

Reduced risk of heart disease: Green tea supports the increase of the resistance of blood vessels against the changes in blood pressure as well as clot formation, which both are the most known causes of the heart attack.

Decreased cholesterol: With regular consumption of green tea – without affecting your good cholesterol – you can lower your bad cholesterol.

Preservation of brain cells: Green tea is effective in preventing the destruction of brain cells and repairing damaged cells and preventing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Stop tooth decay: The aforementioned catechine has the ability to destroy bacteria and viruses. In this way, we can prevent many dental problems including tooth decay by drinking green tea.

Decreased blood pressure: A 2004 study in China has shown that the risk of high blood pressure can be reduced by 50% in those who consume green tea, even half a glass per day.

Antiviral: Green tea has been shown to have an antiviral effect on influenza virus.

Skin health: Antioxidants in green tea can eliminate the skin-damaging effects of free radicals. When applied locally, green tea can reduce sun damage and rejuvenate the skin.

Improved brain health: In a Swiss study, it was found that green tea drinkers had more activity in their active-memory region than those who did not consume green tea.

Anti-aging: The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of green tea delay the onset of signs of aging.

Good for joint pain: Green tea improves the immune system, reducing substances that damage the joints.

Stronger bones: Regular consumption of green tea helps stimulate bone formation and slow down bone destruction.

Good for food poisoning: Regular consumption of green tea protects against symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting and dehydration associated with food poisoning.

Immunity: Green tea antioxidants, which strongly fight free radicals, strengthen the immune system to fight infections.

Protection against asthma: Green tea not only gives you vitality, but it also helps individuals with asthma to relax their muscles and breathe more easily.

How to prepare green tea: Remember that boiling water is too hot for green tea leaves, it may kill all the ingredients in it and cause the tea to taste bitter. Instead, use slightly cooled (approximately 80 ° C) water when preparing your tea. Wait for 2-5 minutes and enjoy this healthy and delicious drink by adding honey or lemon as desired.

A Healthy Alternative to the Five O’clock Tea: Honey Ginger Tea

The benefits of ginger tea with honey are too numerous to be counted. Honey ginger tea strengthens immunity, relieves nausea and indigestion, reduces liver damage caused by diabetes, makes natural care of skin and hair, and helps to lose weight. You don’t need much for making a cup of ginger tea with honey, which you can always prepare at home or work. Just a spoonful of unprocessed genuine honey, half a lemon, half a finger of ginger and water is enough. The recipe is as follows:

For 2 cups;

Slice the ginger root half a finger long.
Squeeze half a lemon juice and cut the peel into several small pieces.
Put the ginger and lemons in a teapot and pour two cups of boiling water and brew at least 10 minutes with the lid closed.
After placing into the cup, add one teaspoon of natural honey to the cup.
If you wish, you can adjust the amount of ginger, lemon, and honey according to your own taste.

Honey Clove Tea To Eliminate Toxins

Toxins, which are formed as a result of the functioning of our metabolism and entered into our body thanks to environmental factors, can cause illnesses by attacking our healthy cells when they cannot be removed from the body when necessary. Changes in our lifestyle and detoxes and herbal teas that we will apply once a month can remove our toxins from our body. A good recipe that will help you relax in taste and smell: Honey Clove Tea to remove toxins


• 1 cup of hot water
• 1 bag of fennel tea
• A piece of licorice
• 1 bag of linden
• 1 stick cinnamon
• 2 cloves
• 1 teaspoon of honey

How to prepare:

  1. Throw all the ingredients into the hot water and mix and strain.
  2. (add honey after straining your tea.)

Does Cinnamon Honey Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Cinnamon honey tea is a tea recipe that will help you burn calories in your seat. The benefits of cinnamon and honey are endless. When you think of the power of the combination of both, it is not even a miracle to come out. How beautiful is this miracle that will help you lose weight? So be prepared to take advantage of the power of cinnamon and honey.

Prepared with honey and cinnamon, this tea will not exhaust you during the production phase and will accelerate your metabolism and will help you to get rid of your excess weight. Of course, there is no giving up; but when you can’t exercise, this tea will be of great use.


  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 1 tablespoon cinnamon
  • 1 glass of water

The recommended amounts may, of course, vary; but the important thing is that you can keep the ratio between honey and cinnamon. You should try not to consume more than you need. Pour 1 tablespoon of cinnamon into your glass of boiling water and let it cool slightly for a short time. When it is cool enough to drink, add honey. Mixing honey directly into boiling water may destroy the enzymes and other nutrients in the honey.

You should not drink all of the drink you prepare at once. You should also know that the mixture gives the best results when drunk on an empty stomach. So you should drink half a glass before going to bed at night and put the rest in the fridge. When you wake up in the morning, you should drink the other half. But never try to heat it again. You should consume half a glass of cold drink in the morning.

How is Honey Affected by Hot Drinks?

Honey is a very important nutrient that is blended by nature and new information is emerging every day regarding its importance in terms of nutrients. The loss of nutritional value and the deterioration of food by external factors such as temperature, especially in the summer months is a situation that worries everyone. It is true that the temperature effect of the summer months has a negative effect on every natural fattening. But the question is how the food is affected by temperature. We can all think of the result of keeping field or garden products out of the refrigerator. What about honey? Honey is different magic of nature… Honey is definitely much different and much more durable. Due to the chemical nature of honey, it must be exposed to temperatures above 43 degrees Celsius for a long time to be affected by the temperature. Therefore, the fact that honey loses its nutritional value due to temperature is not so easy.

You have an idea about the heat resistance of honey. But what about hot drinks? Using honey for sweetening of hot drinks actually makes honey just a simple sugar? Moreover, does the chemical structure of honey change and become a harmful material? There is only one true answer to these questions: NO! Honey does not lose its nutritional value in hot drinks. It is unthinkable that it is harmful. Honey needs to be exposed to heat for a long time to be damaged by heat. However, hot drinks either quickly cool or we consume them before they are cooled. It should be noted that honey makes the hot drink in which it is added much more useful by combining its own nutritional value with it.

Rinse Your Mouth After Drinking Tea with Honey

Did you know that you should rinse your mouth after lots of lemon and honey consumed when you have flu? Influenza and colds under the influence of cold weather began to become epidemics. Consuming honey herbal tea to overcome the disease immediately and strengthen your immune system may damage your teeth, say experts and add: “It is okay to care about your hand and body hygiene when you are flu, but what about your dental health?”

Honey and lemon can decay your teeth. If you do not rinse your mouth and brush your teeth after the orange juice or herbal teas consumed in flu, especially in influenza diseases, this may cause caries onset or gum diseases. Although you don’t want to brush your teeth constantly, hygiene needs to be given twice as much attention in this period.

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