Honey Yellow Color: How It Originates and Why It Differs?

When the color of honey is mentioned, undoubtedly a mixture of brown and yellow comes to mind. This color also gave its name to an eye color among the people. As with almost every natural product, honey has various colors. We can say that there are numerous factors in the formation of these colors, which we know as honey color. These factors make honey light or dark in color. So how does honey get its color and what are the factors affecting this color?

The color of real honey usually varies according to the type of flower from which the nectar is taken. Starting from light yellow to dark red; It consists of yellow, amber, brown, and reddish colors. Dark honey types are generally more concentrated in terms of content. As the number of amino acids, sugar, iron, copper, and manganese increases, the color of honey gets darker. One of the most important factors affecting the formation of colors is what kind of plants the bees in the hive collect their pollen from. The product may take dark or light colors depending on the plants used by the bees.

Even if the bees collect their pollen from the same plants, it has been observed that the honey that emerges in different seasonal conditions has different appearances. Therefore, the season in which honey is produced also affects its appearance. How much sunlight the honeycomb is exposed to is also a factor that affects its appearance. This effect will also show itself in the nectar of honey, causing some differences. The color of honey produced in high altitude areas, such as plateaus, differs from honey produced in lower areas, but with similar conditions. It is observed that the honey produced in high places is whiter.

After counting all these effects, you may think of whether there is a relationship between the quality of honey and its color. However, there is no specific connection between quality and color. We can only state that honey closer to white and yellow colors are more in demand by consumers.

Of course, we can increase the above factors in countless ways. In addition to these natural elements, of course, there are artificial elements in honey color. As we explained above, honey color has no direct relationship with the quality of honey. Therefore, the first thing you should pay attention to when buying honey should not be color. Dull and dark-colored honey may be of high quality, while light and yellow-colored honey may be poor quality and simple products.

What Does the Color of Honey Tell?

It was stated that dark-colored honey was rich in antioxidants and light-colored honey was very rich in antimicrobial activity. They noted that especially dark honey is very rich in antioxidants. Honey also has functions among themselves. We call these biological activities. In this biological activity, for example, honey can be rich in antioxidants. Another honey may be rich in antimicrobial activity.

Different honey may have a higher effect on the healing of wounds. Therefore, there may be differences between them. There are types of honey in the world from dark to light watercolor. They can also have different benefits for people. Research shows that. Dark honey is rich in antioxidants. Light-colored honey can also be very rich in antimicrobial activity. Therefore, these honey types have high antibacterial effects against bacteria that cause infection.

For example, the main color of chestnut honey is red. But we think that black chestnut honey is of better quality. However, this is unfortunately not the case. Real chestnut honey, which is generally produced in June, is red in color. But the color of chestnut honey, which is well known in the market, is known as slightly greenish-black. But its most distinctive feature is that it is bright when exposed to light and does not crystallize for years.

The honey of the Canola flower, which gives nectar from the beginning of April to the middle of May, is white in color. Since it contains very dense pollen, it freezes within 2-3 days after it is harvested, that is, it crystallizes. The value of this honey is not yet known that much. Since it freezes quickly, it cannot hold on to the market. Leave this honey on the balcony for two days, it will freeze immediately.

There was also a fake honey frenzy. Even quality honey is viewed as fake. This is very false. The suggestion that expensive honey is quality honey is wrong. Very expensive honey can be very bad sometimes. Very cheap honey can also be very good. This is purely marketing policy. There are such beekeepers that they produce very high-quality honey, but they cannot market or sell it. In their analysis, sugar can show itself immediately. Tea sugar should not be detected in honey at all. If even a small amount can be detected in honey, this bee has been fed a large amount of sugar. So we say it is not quality honey.

Honey that has never been seen by bees is what we call fake honey. People cannot understand fake honey. It is not possible to understand this by physical methods. This can only be understood in a laboratory setting. Honey has such a complex composition that it can cover everything. Honey can crystallize, especially light-colored honey crystallizes much more easily. Dark-colored honey is difficult to crystallize. This is proportional to the amount of sugar in the composition of honey. We see that there is a great struggle against fake honey producers. They have not been seen much in social media and advertisements lately. These are pretty gratifying. Already in the analysis, it turns out that there is fake honey and they are punished.

Dark chestnut honey is not table honey. It is a honey type with high medicinal value. We should consume this honey for the purpose of healing certain diseases. It is recommended to be consumed against infection in children and the elderly, especially in winter. If lemon and ginger can be added to the honey syrup instead of taking medicine, it would be a very good source of healing. We call it Apitherapy. All kinds of complementary treatments with apitherapy bee products are part of medicine. How long have chemical drugs been produced? It has been produced for perhaps over 100 years. Before that, people were treated with natural products. In other words, it was treated with bee products.

Noting that Rhododendron Honey, known as mad honey among the people, can be used as a blood pressure medicine in the future. Rhododendron honey is known as mad honey among the people. We should lean on this honey a lot. This honey has high medicinal value. However, people can’t easily consume it because it lowers blood pressure and causes palpitations. This honey will be a medicine in the future. Maybe it’s a honey that can be a blood pressure medicine. Besides, light-colored Pine Honey is also very valuable.

Why Does Honey Color Differ?

Honey extracts collected by the fieldworker bees are brought to the hive and processed with their own enzymes, and then transferred to the honeycomb cells. Then, the water of the honey, which is quite watery, is made denser by evaporating and organic honey gets its consistency. Differences are observed in the color of each flower or pine honey obtained. Some are very light yellow or even white in color, while others are yellow or closer to dark brown.

For example, acacia and sunflower honey are yellowish close to white, while lavender and citrus honey is lighter yellow. Honey types such as black pepper, thyme, and chaste berry are close to brown in color. This change in the colors of honey is completely related to the honey essence in the flowers, and honey bees do not have any contribution to make it color.

This change in honey essence, on the other hand, changes depending on the structure of the plant itself, and is seen in the weather conditions where the plant is located or in regions with different soil characteristics. It is known that the chlorophyll pigment, which is present in plants and gives color to the plant, also creates differences in nectar color. It has been observed that nectars taken from plants at high altitudes are lighter in color.

At the same time, the effect of sunlight on the flower also varies in the color of honey. Apart from these, it has been verified by the researchers that the honey extract taken from the plants in a region where there are mineral effects is darker. Customers generally prefer vibrantly colored and fragrant honey. Generally, dark-colored honey types are the reasons for preference.

Honey Color in Our Lives

The honey color is a color that can be obtained by mixing the colors of all the flowers on earth. The best example of this is bees. The best example of this is the honey they produce with the pollen obtained from the colorful flowers that find life and color with the reflection of the sun. It’s a honey color. In fact, honey color is representative of the sun and all kinds of flowers. It is a color between golden yellow and brown and is used in many places.

For example, you can think of places, where honey color is used in home textiles, clothes, or cars. It is a very preferred color. Honey color represents some wealth, some power, and some magnificence. For this reason, they are used in the exterior and interior architecture of some oil-rich countries. Honey-colored lenses and hair dyes are also produced.

For example, the bedroom has an off-white wardrobe and meerschaum-colored wall paint. A honey-colored bedspread and off-white curtains, alongside a honey-colored background curtain, make it a very spacious environment. You can use a honey-colored armchair and a light-colored carpet in your living rooms. In a bathroom dominated by black, we can use honey-colored accessories. In the same way, you can create spacious and pleasant environments with honey color in the kitchen. Honey color not only provides a warm environment in your home but also makes the environment in which it is used appear wider. Honey color provides a solid stance, a strong feeling, and an assertive look.

Many women also use honey color as hair color and eye color. Women who use honey-colored hair have a warm and unapproachable appearance. That’s why many famous ladies use honey color in their hair. It is important in the skin colors of women who use honey-colored hair. For example, in a woman with auburn skin color, honey-colored hair is a great harmony. Honey color, which is the color of nobility, naturally has a real appearance in women with honey-colored hair. Although it is not preferred much, there are also those who use the color of honey in their eyes. People who wear honey-colored lenses have a fearless, strong, and mysterious appearance.

There is also the use of honey color in clothes. The honey color is generally used in dresses and accessories used by women. You can use honey color in a sweater that we wear on an ordinary day, or in a dress that we will wear on a special day for us. Or we can buy a honey-colored shawl, scarf, or any accessory over a black dress. Likewise, we can wear honey-colored shoes under a black or white dress. We can use the color of honey, which is representative of happiness and nobility, wherever we want.

White Honey: A Different Color

White honey, which can be easily distinguished from all other honey types with its color, has been on the agenda lately. In fact, it is a honey that has been known since ancient times and is also known as “March honey” among the people because of the times it was produced.

The type of bee is not the only reason why this honey, produced by the bee species known as Caucasian bees, is white in color. The altitude and flora of the region where Caucasian bees roam to produce honey are also very effective in getting this color. Because Caucasian bees, whose homeland is the mountainous regions of the Caucasus, produce white honey due to their different genetic structures and because they interact with plants grown in high regions.

Although this may surprise everyone who is aware of it for the first time, it means that white honey is real, natural honey produced by real bees. Moreover, it is very valuable honey as it is honey obtained from high regions and produced by a rare bee race. “So why should you consume this honey?” I can say that you will understand the reason very well when you see the benefits. Here are the benefits of white honey:

  • White honey strongly protects the body against harmful substances, as it has much stronger antioxidant properties than any other honey.
  • It also ensures that harmful substances that have already entered the body are quickly removed from the body.
  • Thanks to this feature, it allows the blood to circulate healthily in the veins and reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.
  • It protects the body against many diseases, especially various types of cancer.
  • It provides rapid relief of various stomach problems such as indigestion and supports the healthy functioning of the digestive system.
  • White honey, which has positive effects on skin health thanks to its strong antioxidant effects, has an anti-aging effect as it accelerates the regeneration of cells.
  • It allows us to have much brighter and clearer skin.
  • When used externally, it removes acne and blackheads.
  • It accelerates blood circulation, gives energy and vitality to the body.
  • It is also known to increase sexual power.
  • It helps those who have cough and sputum problems to get rid of this problem in a short time.
  • It accelerates the healing process of various winter diseases such as flu and cold.
  • It is also said that white honey has a memory-enhancing effect.

If you want to obtain white honey, you can buy it from online shopping sites that sell natural products or from reliable herbalists. However, it is worth emphasizing that since it is very valuable honey, you should definitely choose reliable places to make sure you buy real white honey.

After obtaining white honey, I should also explain how you can consume it. You can use it wherever you use flower honey, you can eat it alone or add it to various natural masks for both your health and your skin. However, since it has strong effects, you should consume it in moderation, not overdo it.

Honey Hair Colors

If you want to attract attention with the perfect color and shine of your hair, natural sparkling honey bubble hair color can be a great choice for you. The honey bubble color, which immediately brings to mind the summer breezes and the unique shades of the sun, is an ideal option to add shine to dull and lifeless hair. Moreover, among the honey bubble hair tones, you can easily find a tone that adapts to every skin color. How about taking a short stroll through the honey bubble hair color catalog to get to know one of the most popular hair colors of recent times and to be sure whether it suits you or not?

If you like to see the natural tones of your hair discolored due to the sun and try auburn – blonde colors on your hair, you can give honey bubble color a chance. This special color contains golden sparkles, also called “Dore”. In this way, it becomes extremely easy to bring your hair together with a more lively and shiny appearance. Moreover, if you wish, you can apply honey bubble tones only to the ends and lengths of your hair, and you can choose this tone for coloring techniques such as ombre or balayage.

  • Honey Blonde: Honey blonde hair, which is one of the most preferred honey bubble hair tones, is perfect for those looking for natural blonde tones.
  • Honey Auburn: It can be said that honey auburn, which is the most prominent in honey color hair dye catalogs and creates a wonderful stance for both brunettes and light-skinned women, is similar to light chestnut tones with natural honey shine.
  • Honey Brown: When honey shimmers are added to colors such as chocolate brown and dark chestnut, honey brown hair color emerges. You can use this tone, which is a very natural brown tone, in all seasons.
  • Honey Caramel: This shade is one of the lightest among the honeycomb hair color types. Honey caramel hair is one of the rare tones that adapt to every skin type. It is possible to see honey caramel, which is a brighter and more sunny tone of caramel, among the dyes starting from 7.0.
  • Light Honey Bubble – Dark Honey Bubble: Light honey bubble hair color, again one of the lightest honey bubble tones… This tone, which is at the very beginning of the color palette, is preferred by fair-skinned women more often, but brunette women can also use it. Wheat-skinned women who want to highlight their facial features and eyes more can also choose dark honey bubble tones.
  • Honey Almond Hair Color: Honey almond is one of the most pleasant colors with a little more honey and baby yellow tones in it… If your skin color is white and auburn tones, you can use this tone without any doubt.

Honey bubble hair color is an option that blends perfectly with the skin tone, especially for people with fair and wheatish skin. The natural glow it contains can help light and wheat skin tones look more lively and energetic. If you have a dark skin tone, you can add sparkle to some strands or ends of your dark hair with a light honey bubble hair color. Thus, you can both make your hair look more voluminous and lively and protect your hair color. Finally, you can give honey-caramel hair color a chance to make your brunette skin stand out even more.

The biggest advantage of honey bubble hair color is that it adds an intense and natural shine to the hair. In order to preserve the color and shine in your hair for as long as possible, you should follow an effective and regular care routine for your hair. Your hair may be damaged due to exposure to chemical components during the dyeing process. For this reason, it is of great importance that the hair care products you choose contain ingredients that nourish and strengthen your hair.

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