Honey Whiskey: What Happens When You Mix Honey With Whiskey?

Honey is a completely natural, thick, and stable food product with a high nutritional value, which bees produce from the juices they collect from various plants, that provides plenty of energy, and at the same time has healing properties. Honey has a rich structure with minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, sulfur, iodine, and enzymes such as pantothenic acid B1, B2, B6, C, and K vitamins. Whiskey, on the other hand, is a type of alcoholic beverage obtained by distilling grains such as barley, wheat, rye, or corn after fermenting and maturing them for a certain period of time in various types of barrels (oak, sherry, oloroso sherry, bourbon, etc.). So what happens if we mix honey and whiskey?

While mixing honey and whiskey is not something we often encounter, honey whiskey is actually a blend that should be tasted and has many health benefits. A mixture of honey, whiskey, and lemon, known to be good for vascular occlusion, has been used in various parts of the world for centuries. In addition to this, the honey and hot whiskey mixture, which we call hot toddy, is also a popular drink. Finally, Jack Daniel’s Honey Whiskey is an excellent product for those who want to consume honey and whiskey together.

Honey Whiskey Mixture for Atherosclerosis

You can mix honey with whiskey in order to relieve the symptoms of Atherosclerosis.


  • 1 bottle of scotch whiskey
  • 1 kg of lemon
  • 20 European aspirin
  • 1 kilogram of honey (diabetes patients can make their own choice)

Preparation (should be prepared in a dark place)

Chop the lemons very finely and add them to 1 bottle of whiskey. Mix once a day and close the jar. After 10 days, add a kilo of honey into the mixture, mix again every day and close the jar. 10 days later, beat the aspirin into the mixture, mix well again, this time do not cover the jar. Do not mix it until the end of the third ten days, just let it stand.

A greenish layer may form on top of the prepared mixture, filter this mixture through a thin cheesecloth and throw it away. Drink a cup every morning on an empty stomach. This preparation is for 30 days, I recommend that you prepare another preparation as soon as you start using it.

The situations that should be taken into consideration in its preparation are as follows:

  • The place where the mixture is to be prepared is dark, cool, and free from moisture.
  • The whiskey to be used is a quality whiskey
  • The honey to be used is of high quality and does not contain sugar.
  • The product must be kept in a cool place in winter and in a refrigerator in summer.

A Hot Honey Whiskey: Hot Toddy

Nowadays, I am struggling with unpleasant symptoms such as fever, runny nose, and sore throat, and I cannot taste much because I am sleeping sick (if I drink whiskey when my nose is blocked and I cannot taste anything, the only note I can get is probably be “the thing that I drink is whiskey”). Of course, from many friends who heard that I was sick, ginger, lemon, and honey mix suggestions were pouring in. When some of my whiskey-loving friends reminded me of Hot Toddy, I realized that I had never written about it.

Hot Toddy, in its simplest recipe, is a hot drink prepared by adding whiskey, lemon juice, and honey to hot water. As you can imagine, cinnamon sticks and ginger go well with this mixture. You can either put a single whiskey in hot water and sweeten it with half a lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey or use teas with different flavors instead of hot water, you get a very enjoyable winter drink. As I write this article, I have a Hot Toddy that I just improvised. I brewed a cinnamon tea with a little ginger and cinnamon bark that I bought during my visit to Moscow last week.

I put it in a not too dark mug and add 1 Jim Beam and lemon juice. Hot Toddy in my hand is a Hot Toddy without honey because I never liked honey. Generally, blended whiskeys and bourbon are recommended. I prefer bourbons as they taste more woody. Hot Toddy can also be prepared with drinks such as brandy and rum instead of whiskey. There’s also Bacardi Oakheart and Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold at home. I think the spicy and flavored rums will go great too, and I will try them tonight.

More Information on Hot Toddy

I wanted to tell you about a drink containing whiskey that has been made in many different geographies of the world for hundreds of years, especially in this period when we are entering the winter and diseases such as flu and cold will increase. First of all, a hot toddy is a hot drink prepared with honey, whiskey, hot water, and cinnamon, and of course, we can call it a cocktail in theory. We should even say so. Although it is defined as a “healing drink” in English texts, let’s just call it a cocktail or a very low alcohol drink. If we are looking for a medical cure, we should believe what is written on the internet, including this site, and we should go to the doctor.

According to a belief, the history of this drink begins in India in the 2nd century. It is a beverage that they call “tadi” (later toddy in Anglo-Saxon languages), which is made using post-fermented palm wine or coconut wine and consumed especially in winter, for healing purposes. Later, it becomes widespread in many cold countries of Northern Europe, especially in Ireland and it becomes a tradition.

Undoubtedly, the hot toddy is becoming one of the “traditional” American cocktails, just as the whiskey tradition migrated to the new continent by Irish and Scottish immigrants. The Irish make their own whiskeys, the Scots their own whiskey and the Americans prepare and drink it with their own (and slightly higher alcohol content) bourbon and Tennessee whiskey. Yes, let’s get to the recipe for this interesting drink. I did not make the traditional version of the recipe because it feels a bit “too much” to me in the original. In fact, although I am a classicist and can not break with tradition, this time I used neither an Irish blend nor a hard bourbon. If we are going to put both honey and whiskey, I thought it could be more delicious by using a good mead and I recommend it to you, I used Jack Daniel’s Tennesse Honey.

Rather than a honey whiskey, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is a mead that contains Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey. Bottled with 35% alcohol, J.D. When honey is consumed as a drink, it should not be compared to a classic malt or American whiskey because it isn’t any way but should be viewed as a fine cocktail. Seeing it that way, I drink it with pleasure. Speaking of honey liqueur, let’s add this, hence the origin of the word honeymoon. Around the 5th century, in Northern European societies, newlyweds drank some form of “alcoholic mead” for the first month to give them strength and happiness. The tradition has come to an end, but the word has survived, albeit with similar or different meanings.

Coming to our recipe, we first boil good drinking water. I always recommend water with high pH to friends who make beer at home, after boiling you can make very delicious drinks. Drinks like Stout, porter, Brown ale, but our topic is not beer right now. After boiling the water, we add approximately 1 spoon of good honey to a cup. Honey is more in the original recipes, but we’ll use mead anyway. After mixing thoroughly, the honey should have melted into the liquid now, we add about 4-5 CL, (a Glencairn, about twice the whiskey served in a Copita glass) Jack Daniel’s Honey.

The 35% alcohol that will enter the boiling water will instantly reach much lower levels. We do not drink immediately, we expect the alcohol to mix into the air a little and the liquid to drop to a drinkable temperature. Then we add a stick (half a stick) of cinnamon into it. Afterward, although there are juicy yellow lemon slices in the original recipe, I add lime because I like more sour flavors. In my father’s garden, we have a tree that does not give a single fruit for about 5 years, but we have grown stubbornly and now with grace, it produces 20-30 small and delicious fruits every summer.

We mix it well again and add 3-4 cloves to it. As with any cocktail, do not put cloves, cinnamon, etc. that have waited in the fridge for months, make every cocktail with fresh and quality ingredients. Our Hot Toddy drink is ready. Lime breaks the taste of honey, followed by clove with mild bitterness and complex flavor. The fact that it is hot makes us obliged to be able to sip, as we should make any beverage that already contains whiskey.

Jack Daniel’s Honey Whiskey

Jack Daniels Honey drink is a flavored whiskey produced by blending the world-famous Jack Daniel’s whiskey brand Old No 7 with a special honey liqueur. How much does Jack daniels honey cost? Honey expression, which has a special place in whiskey culture, is named Tennessee Honey number 7. This whiskey, one of the most striking versions of the classic Jack Daniels series, attracts the attention of whiskey lovers and stands out with its unique honey aromas.

Especially those who research Jack Daniels Honey taste on the internet want to be informed about the comments of whiskey lovers about the characteristic taste of this whiskey, which is offered for sale at prices above average. Named as Old No 7 of the Jack Daniels series, this whiskey is produced by blending honey liquor.

Fermentation is carried out with the most natural methods in the expression of Jack Daniels Honey, which contains corn, rye, and barley components in its production. Honey, which has a special and unique taste, which is of great interest to whiskey lovers, uses natural spring waters that do not contain iron in the fermentation process. For this reason, it is possible to say that whiskey has a softer taste than standard Jack Daniels versions.

Honey tasting notes are particularly curious by whiskey lovers who attach great importance to experiencing the characteristic flavors of the drinks they consume in the whiskey culture. deserves. Honey’s alcohol level was determined as 35 percent.

The scent of Honey, which is defined as yellow and golden in color, is the aroma of honey and oak. In addition, Jack Daniels Honey, which suits the taste of whiskey lovers with its unique aromas, has natural honey, molasses, and roasted hazelnut flavors. Honey, which includes natural honey, molasses, and chocolate flavors as flavors, is definitely among the whiskey varieties that whiskey lovers should definitely taste.

There are many alternatives to drinking honey whiskey. It is suitable for drinking with both dry and cocktail mixes in terms of Honey content and aromas, which whiskey lovers love to consume in many different ways, as it is compatible with cocktail mixes as well as comfortable. The consumption of Honey, which is lightly filled in a heavy-bottomed glass, sipped with ice, makes you feel the honey and caramel aroma intensely and gives a unique pleasure to whiskey lovers.

Honey, which has its own special aroma, has cocktail preferences like every whiskey. One of these consumer preferences, a small lemon slice after squeezing a little lemon into a whiskey glass is a method frequently consumed by whiskey lovers. If you want to drink a Jack Daniels from the Tea category, 1 part sweet and sour mix, 1 part cola, ice and 2 parts Honey are enough.

Jack Daniels Honey, which is among the indispensable alcoholic drinks for those who love to drink Smash-style cocktails, which are frequently consumed in whiskey culture, reveals the caramel and natural honey aroma in it thanks to the fresh mint leaves. To make this cocktail, you can easily obtain this unique flavor when you crush a small lemon, mix it with fresh mint leaves, a little ice, and sweetener and mix it into Honey.

There are dozens of different cocktail mixes known for honey drinking and preferred by whiskey lovers. Beloved by those who want to consume whiskeys that have a comfortable drink, Honey is available in many bars and restaurants thanks to its comfort. Honey shot glasses can also be drunk straight. If we need to list the drinking styles recommended for honey in whiskey culture, it is possible to mention the following:

  • Honey cold shot
  • Honey – lots of ice
  • Honey King Bee cocktail mix
  • Honey lime

Characteristics of Jack Daniel’s Honey Whiskey

When looking at the details about the properties of Jack Daniels Honey whiskey, it is seen that the whiskey has its own amber color, unlike other competitors. Honey, which contains natural honey, vanilla, and caramel, also enchants whiskey lovers with its intense fragrance. This whiskey, which has a special taste that does not faint, leaves a mild spice effect on the palate besides the sweetness coming from natural honey. This whiskey is a type of whiskey that is recommended to be consumed dry or with plenty of ice at its ideal cold.

It has a different drink color compared to similar whiskeys in the market. It is a type of drink made with Old No 7 Tennessee Whiskey. Preserves the true honey aroma in blended. It is frequently found in sweetening whiskeys. Since it does not have cloying or artificial flavors, it is the number one choice for those looking for first-quality naturalness in whiskey consumption. Honey, which provides real taste with its natural honey content, has a special place among the flavored whiskeys in the market.

It is very different from the standard American, Scottish or Irish whiskeys that we can describe as plain whiskey. It attracts the attention of whiskey lovers with its unique features. It differs from other types of whiskey in the market primarily by being golden or amber in color. It stands out with its very special experiences both for whiskey enthusiasts and inexperienced whiskey lovers who are new to whiskey culture. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, one of the new products of Jack Daniel, one of the indispensable choices of whiskey lovers, drives whiskey lovers to an incredible experience with its comfortable drink and harmony with cocktail mixes.

Thanks to its comfortable drink, unique taste, and consistency, Jack, who is 100% compatible with the taste of whiskey lovers, started to have a completely different experience with “Tennessee Honey”. This whiskey liqueur, named after an American state, has an alcohol content of exactly 35 percent. The caramel smell and honey aroma that comes to your nose while pouring it into your glass is a harbinger of the palate recital that you will start to experience in a few minutes. Suitable for me with both dry and cocktail mixes, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is one of the indispensable whiskey lovers.

To sip your whiskey, which you will fill in your heavy-bottomed glass, with a few ice cubes; With the aroma of honey and caramel flowing from your glass to your nose, it turns into an invaluable pleasure. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, a special search whiskey, has many cocktail choices like every whiskey. One of these choices will be to sip a little lemon into your whiskey glass and then sip it with a small slice you put into your glass. If you want to drink a Jack from the “Tea” category, 1 part sweet and sour mix, 1 part cola, ice and 2 parts Jack Daniel’s will be sufficient.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, which will be indispensable for smash-style cocktail lovers, brings out the caramel aroma in it thanks to the fresh mint leaves. When you crush a small lemon and mix it with fresh mint leaves, a little ice, and sweetener to your Jack, you will realize the flavor we talked about and reach the heights of happiness. Jack Daniel’s Tennesse Honey, which is a beverage that we would definitely recommend you to try at the first opportunity, has dozens of different cocktail mixes, as well as the comfort and pleasure it gives with its drink. Many bars and restaurants offer Jack Daniel’s Tennessee in shot glasses.

An Older Alcoholic Beverage with Honey: Making Honey Wine

While winemaking will live in its golden age, today it is under various pressures. No, professional production is not necessarily required. What we do for ourselves is ours. I share with you my first attempt to make a small amount of honey wine with this exact motto. Honey and honey wine have been considered very precious since ancient times and were drunk in important ceremonies from ancient Greece to the Scandinavian peninsula. Honey wine, which has an important place in American culture, is an easy recipe to produce at home.

As you know, wine, or more precisely, alcohol production is made by the yeast fungus consuming the sugar. So sugar and yeast are on the part that interests us. As a yeast, I use an ordinary yeast that you can find in the market. If you read the package to select yeast, you should see the name “Saccharomyces cerevisiae”. This yeast is one of the most popular in the literature, and even its name tells us a lot. “Saccharo-” means sugar, “-Myces” means mushrooms, “cerevisiae” means beer. So we are talking about our grandmothers’ brewer’s yeast.

As it is for trial purposes, we will do it on a small scale. We start with 3 liters of water and 860 grams of honey. Why 860 grams? That’s the way the jars on the market are. We take almost half of the water in a clean pot, add honey, and heat it. Our aim is to kill any other possible bacteria in honey because we don’t want any microorganisms other than our own yeast in our wine. At this stage, we separate a little more water from the bottle into a clean container. We take our honey mix without boiling and cool it a little.

We slice half an orange into it and throw 20-25 raisins. At this point, a few pieces of cinnamon or cloves can also be added for some flavor. Stir a little, set aside half a glass, and add the rest back to the bottle. When the part that is set aside is well warmed, that is, when it is at the temperature of our hands, we add half a pack of yeast into it and mix it gently. In this process we do to awaken the yeast, we are polite so that the yeast does not go into shock. We wait for about 10-15 minutes and watch the yeast foam and rise. We gently mix the rising yeast and add it to the bottle.

We complete the bottle with water that we set aside and never touched. At the end of this whole process, the liquid level in the bottle should not rise too high. 4-5 cm from the top is fine. We close the cap of the bottle and shake it a little so that it is well ventilated. Our yeast will need this air and oxygen. We uncap the bottle and put it aside so as not to lose it. For now, we will attach a balloon to the mouth of the bottle. Puncture a balloon at 8-10 places and insert it into the mouth of the bottle, making sure it is not air-tight.

As the yeast works, it will produce gas and this gas will fill the balloon. While the excess gas escapes from the holes, due to the pressure difference, air will not enter and other airborne microorganisms will stay away from our wine. In this way, we have the cheapest airlock. In this state, after 10-15 minutes, the fermentation will become visible and you will see that the bubble is standing upright due to the gas release, and even carbon dioxide bubbles in the mixture. Now is the time to rest the bottle. If possible, put it in a place that does not get much light and rest there for 4-5 days. At the end of this period, we can remove the balloon and put the cap of the bottle we have kept, and mix it. After this shaking, we make our airlock again with a new balloon and leave the bottle alone.

After about 2 weeks you will see that the fermentation is now slowing down. The loosened bubble, the mixture that has begun to clear, and the dead yeast residue at the bottom of the bottle are heralds that this time has come. This means we have work to do. We transfer everything in the fermentation bottle to another bottle of the same volume in order to remove some of the orange and similar solid material and some of the dead yeast from the honey wine. A piece of disinfected cheesecloth and funnel will be sufficient for filtering. During this transfer, some dead yeast will inevitably cloud the mixture. Now we go to the second resting phase.

At the end of this second resting phase of about 1 week, the wine will become clear again and the sediment at the bottom will become clear. Now we will take our “tired” wine to “rest” and “mature”. For this, we need one or more clean bottles of relatively small volume and some aquarium hose. The purpose of using smaller bottles is to store the wine in small amounts that can be consumed when opened, thus extending the storage life. While holding one end of the disinfected aquarium hose at 1/3 height from the top of the wine, we pull it from the other end so that the liquid moves through the hose.

While doing this, it will be beneficial to keep the wine at a higher place than small bottles. Without contaminating the wine, we cut some of the ends of the hose and transfer it to small bottles. In this process, we try to stay away from the sediment at the bottom as much as possible. Now the most exciting part begins. Your wine will gradually mature in these bottles and reach a pleasant drinkable consistency. At this point, although the ripening period varies, 2-3 months is usually sufficient. It is useful to take a bottle for tasting and to check its development after 1.5 months, then once a week or two weeks.

Milk & Honey Become Whiskey in Israel

Whiskey has now begun to flow in Israel, which says “milk and honey flows on its soil” in the Old Testament. Although it is not considered the ideal whiskey production region, Gal Kalkshtein, whom we can call Israel’s Elon Musk, and a group of young entrepreneurs under the leadership of his wife Lital started to produce their whiskeys by establishing their distilleries in the heart of the Middle East. In 2014, Milk & Honey, which restored the building, which was an old bakery, facing the sea, in the center of Tel Aviv, turned it into a distillery, started to produce newmake whiskey within a year. The distillery, whose limited production bottling yielded very successful results, is now seeking to gain a permanent place in the World Whiskey category with its new permanent series of single malt whiskey “Classic Single Malt”.

The veteran Dr. Jim Swan, who passed away in 2017, has enormous effort in Milk & Honey. They designed their custom-made retort and mash tanks from scratch made their first barrel selections and developed new recipes together with chief distiller Tomer Goren. “The most important thing Jim Swan was to teach us was what kind of whiskey we should prepare in a hot climate,” says Goren. “The doctor made us prepare such a formula that all the features of our product will be suitable for these climatic conditions.” And they found this suitable quality barley in Muntons in England. With the special heat control system imported from Belgium, they instantly control the fermentation temperature.

In Israel, the production of drinking and utility water with reverse osmosis technology is very common and developed. By using this technology, they can adjust the content and taste of the water they use in whiskey production as they wish. “There are so many difficulties in making whiskey in hot weather, I don’t know which one to start with,” says Goren. “For example, one of the first things we did was to prepare a formula in which the share of angels would be as low as possible. The most important thing in maturation is to keep under constant observation of the effect of the barrel on alcohol. To be honest, we are far from where we want to come, but we are working hard and moving forward with sure steps.”

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