Honey and Yogurt: The Miraculous Mixture

There is a lot of information about the health benefits of both honey and yogurt. But what happens when you combine these two useful foods? These foods have individual benefits and the two can work together in harmony for health.

There is no doubt that both honey and yogurt provide many health benefits. What about the combination of the two? When honey and yogurt are consumed together, nutritional values ​​and other benefits can be increased. When consumed with a protein source, honey is the best choice for endurance, weight training, and muscle recovery thanks to its high glucose content. As an extremely nutritious snack, the mixture of yogurt and honey can also be a low-calorie, nutritious food that provides an ideal balance of carbohydrates and proteins. By mixing the nutrient content of honey with the amino acids in yogurt, you help your body achieve ideal digestion. This will help your body work together for the best health.

Honey has long been a variety of uses other than a sweetener. Before the discovery of antibiotics, honey was used topically for the treatment of cuts and burns due to its antibacterial properties. It is also used as cough prevention and face mask. Honey, also used in the Olympics, was the best choice for pre-training or pre-race snacks. Honey, which consists mainly of sugar, contains a small amount of folate, vitamin C, and a small amount of protein along with other essential vitamins. However, the basic nutritional value of honey comes from the minerals it contains. According to nutritional data available for honey, only 100 grams of honey contains about 50 percent of your daily manganese and iron need based on a 2,000 calorie diet. These are some of the essential minerals your body needs to protect from disease and to function properly.

Yogurt has long been known to improve digestion. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that many studies have been conducted on the gastrointestinal benefits of yogurt consumption in both animals and humans. Some studies have shown that yogurt has positive effects on certain gastrointestinal problems such as colon cancer, constipation, and inflammatory bowel diseases.

All You Need to Know About Honey Yogurt Mixture

Honey and yogurt contain many vitamins and minerals that are necessary for our body, and the combination of both has many benefits for health. Since it contains high protein and glucose, it is one of the important benefits of honey yogurt that provides the body with the energy it needs before and after sports, strengthens immunity with its high nutritional value and helps digestion. Because it contains many minerals and vitamins, yogurt with honey is undoubtedly necessary for our body.

Yogurt with protein and probiotics is very beneficial for our health. Honey is known as a natural antibiotic because of its numerous minerals. When two nutrients with such rich ingredients are combined, they become extremely beneficial for our health. Those who want to consume a mixture of honey and yogurt inevitably wonder whether or not to gain weight. Of course, if you consume this mixture excessively, you will start to gain weight after a while since you will get more calories than you need.

Yogurt with honey;

  • Honey, which contains folate and abundant vitamin C, strengthens our immunity and provides high energy to our body when consumed with yogurt.
  • The honey and yogurt mixture, which has a high protein level, meets your protein needs with this feature.
  • Honey yogurt calms the nerves and contributes to the treatment of psychological diseases. It is also effective in tooth and gum disorders, especially its effects on the healing of gum withdrawal is known.
  • Prevents bone resorption due to its high calcium content.
  • It helps to strengthen the immune system by relaxing the digestive system and helps the body become resistant to germs.
  • Yogurt with honey removes the burning in the stomach and soothes the stomach.
  • Due to its high-calorie content, it gives energy to the body and keeps the person fit.
  • If you are in an intense pace of life, you can provide the energy you need with a mixture of honey and yogurt.
  • When you consume honey and yogurt, which contain many vitamins and minerals the body needs, your metabolism activities will be healthier.
  • Honey yogurt, which can be used as an energy source with high nutritional values, increases the body’s endurance with the high glucose content of honey and provides the energy needed for physical activities.
  • Honey yogurt, a rich source of carbohydrate and protein, can be a useful snack when consumed in a balanced manner. When consuming this mixture, it is important to note that the yogurt is not fat and that the honey is organic honey without artificial sugar.
  • Today, every food’s counterfeit can be produced, thus you should be careful when buying honey and yogurt. Experts say that homemade yogurts are healthier than ready-made yogurts. Instead of cheap honey of unknown brands, buy honey produced by proven brands.

How to Prepare Yoghurt with Honey?

Necessary materials:

  • Homemade yogurt in 1 bowl
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • Walnut


1 tablespoon of honey is put into a bowl of yogurt. If you wish, you can also add some walnut. It would be more beneficial to keep the honey content high. The yogurt mix with honey is easy and practical.

A Healthy Alternative to Dessert: Yogurt with Honey

As an alternative to dessert, it is recommended to use honey yogurt prepared with yogurt and raw honey, which neutralizes the increased stomach acid. Sherbet and pastry desserts, which are indispensable of the tables, cause stomach disorders and gain weight and increase the cholesterol levels during the day. It is recommended to use milk desserts instead of sherbet and oily desserts. As an alternative to dessert, it is recommended to use yogurt with honey, which neutralizes increased stomach acid.

Honey is consumed as a natural sweetener not only because it is delicious but also as a source of healing throughout human history. The raw honey, which has excessive health benefits, has also been used as a natural remedy. The real miracle of nature that has not undergone pasteurization is the honey yogurt that you will prepare with raw honey and yogurt, and it prevents stomach pains with its role in regulating the digestive system. After the meal, instead of dessert, you can prepare yogurt with honey using three tablespoons of yogurt and two teaspoons of honey.

Lactose in milk can cause gas and bloatedness in many individuals. However, yogurt can be consumed easily as it turns into lactic acid as a result of fermentation. Yogurt with sweet honey can be a very good alternative to high-calorie desserts.

Benefits of Honey and Yogurt Mixture for Human Health

Yogurt is a food that helps prevent viruses and bacteria attacks that may develop against your body. Because yogurt contains many vitamins and minerals, it increases the resistance of the immune system if consumed. Honey, on the other hand, contains healthy foods such as vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, thus increasing the body’s metabolism. Here are the benefits of mixing yogurt with honey:

  • Promotes Performance of White Blood Cells

Yogurt contains good probiotics. Probiotics are not only useful for the digestive system but are also used to better support the performance of white blood cells. White blood cells are very important because they have the task of killing toxins and fighting infections in the blood. Therefore consuming a mixture of yogurt and honey will help you fight against the disease.

Honey can also be used to prevent the reduction of the number of white blood cells formed due to chemotherapy. In a small experiment, it has been proven that the consumption of two teaspoons of honey per day during chemotherapy can stop the reduction of white blood cells seen in cancer patients at risk for neutropenia.

  • Used in the Treatment of Burns and Wounds

In the case of burns, try using yogurt instead of applying water. You can use a mixture of yogurt and olive oil on the affected area.

Similar to yogurt, honey can also be trusted to heal wounds. According to the results of the research, it has been explained that honey can be used to kill various bacteria found in the wound. Other studies have shown that honey can sterilize the area within one week of application to the injured area.

  • Contributes to Keeping Bones Healthy

The calcium and vitamin D content in yogurt ensures that the bones are solid and healthy. Therefore, by consuming honey and yogurt, you avoid bone problems such as osteoporosis. Since yogurt is a food that naturally helps prevent bone resorption, it is very useful if you start to take it since infancy.

  • Helps your digestive system run smoothly

Probiotics in yogurt play a role in the initiation of the digestive system. Probiotics, which are good bacteria, help bowel performance in food digestion. Yogurt has a large number of probiotics. Consuming honey and yogurt helps your digestive system smoothly.

  • Blood Pressure Reducer

For those of you who have hypertension or high blood pressure, you can rely on yogurt and honey as a nutrient to lower your blood pressure. This is due to the potassium mineral found in yogurt. In the morning you can consume yogurt instead of juice or milk.

  • Plays an Effective Role in Preventing Fungal Infections

Yogurt has antibacterial properties and can prevent fungal infections with acid content. A mixture of honey and yogurt will help your body avoid the risk of yeast infection.

  • Treatment of intestinal diseases

Yogurt is good food for the protection of the intestines. If you eat spicy or acidic foods that cause bowel disease and cause injury, you can immediately find a solution by eating honey and yogurt.

  • Advantages of Honey Yoghurt

Honey and yogurt, which contain many vitamins and minerals necessary for our body separately, have many health benefits when mixed. Among the benefits of honey yogurt, it is shown that it provides the body with the necessary energy especially before and after exercise, strengthens the immune system as a food with high nutritional value and helps digestion as it is a source of high protein and glucose.

Before the discovery of antibiotics, honey was used as a natural antibiotic for the treatment of burns and cuts. In the first Olympic games, it is known that athletes eat honey bread as a snack to provide the necessary energy during the race.

Honey, which contains mainly sugar, also contains protein, vitamin C, folate and other essential vitamins. 30 grams of honey is sufficient to meet 14% of daily manganese need and 8% of iron need. These minerals are necessary for the body to maintain its normal function and to be protected against diseases.

The most important benefits of yogurt are that it contributes to healthy tooth and bone structure with high calcium content and improves the digestive system. Almost all scientific research on yogurt has the results that regular consumption improves digestion. Some research has shown that yogurt reduces the risk of colon cancer, constipation, and inflammatory bowel disease.

Honey yogurt with high nutritional value can be used as a quality energy source. The high glucose in honey increases the body’s endurance and provides the energy needed especially for physical activities. Honey yogurt, a good source of carbohydrates and protein, can be a useful snack when consumed in a controlled manner. When consuming honey yogurt, the point to be considered is that the yogurt is not greasy and that the honey does not contain artificial sugar and if possible organic honey.

Advantages of Consuming Honey Yogurt Once a Week

Yogurt in itself contains many vitamins and minerals. However, when mixed with honey and consumed every week, there are countless benefits to our health. If you are curious about the changes that may occur in your body when you eat yogurt with honey once a week, let us explain immediately. Here are the benefits of eating yogurt with honey once a week.

Yogurt is a very useful nutrient for our health in terms of being a probiotic source and protein source. It is known as a natural antibiotic because it contains countless minerals in honey. When these two nutrients are consumed together, they are beneficial for our health. Here are the unknown benefits of honey yogurt.

Since honey contains folate and plenty of vitamin C, when it is consumed with yogurt it strengthens the immune system and gives energy to the body.

Yogurt with honey calms the nerves. It is said to treat psychological disorders.

Honey yogurt is said to be a cure for dental and gum diseases. It is known to be particularly good for the gingival recession.

Honey yogurt is recommended for athletes to consume before sports. You can also add walnuts.

The honey yogurt mixture is said to delay bone resorption because of the high calcium content in it.

Honey yogurt is said to be good for intestinal diseases and is effective in the treatment of colon cancer.

Individual Benefits of Honey and Yogurt

Individual Benefits of Honey

Although the composition of honey varies depending on the species, climatic conditions, the type, and age of the bees, it consists of approximately 82% carbohydrate, 17% water, 0.7% mineral, 0.3% protein, and trace amounts of vitamins, organic acids, and free amino acids. Honey is also a rich source of nutrients such as potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sodium, manganese, chlorine, sulfur and iodine.

Due to its high mineral content, honey contributes to the elimination of iron deficiency in children, magnesium contained in honey prevents blood clotting in vessels and provides protection from the negative effects of stress. Most of the sugars in the structure of honey are simple sugars that can be easily digested as in fruits. Honey with an extremely high energy value is an ideal nutrient for people of all ages who need energy.

Cough is a common problem for children with upper respiratory tract infection and can affect sleep and quality of life for both children and their parents. Researchers say that honey softens the irritated throat by covering it and that a teaspoon of honey given to children before going to bed will alleviate cough. Besides, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that honey is a natural cough treatment.

Since honey is acidic and contains a large amount of sugar, it has an antibacterial effect because it causes the disease spreading microorganisms to lose water and die, or at least not to reproduce. Honey can be used for therapeutic purposes because of the threat of disease-resistant bacteria for human health and that honey has a strong activity against it.

In the study conducted on the nutritional and healing properties of honey on sick and weak children, participants were divided into three groups. The first group of children was fed with normal nutrition, the second group was fed with normal nutrition as well as honey, and the third group was fed with normal nutrition and drug supplementation. It was determined that the children in the honey-consuming group were better in both appearance and endurance than the children in the other groups.

Honey, which contains the sugar needed for brain cells to function in the most natural state, strengthens the mental functions and memory, helps to support the structuring and development of the nervous system in children. In particular, it increases the level of perception and extends the concentration period of school-age children to make them more successful in school lessons. Honey contains a structure rich in polyphenols, which are among the antioxidants found naturally in most plants. Thanks to this antioxidant, honey has many preventive properties against many clinical conditions such as infectious diseases, heart diseases, neurological disorders, and cancer.

Individual Benefits of Yogurt

Yogurt is produced by lactic acid fermentation of milk. Streptococcus Thermophilus and Lactobacillus delbrueckiisubsp Bulgaricus bacteria provide this fermentation. Compared to milk, the lactose content of yogurt is low, but calcium, protein and dry matter contents are high. In addition to many minerals, it contains group B vitamins, vitamin A and vitamin E. Yoghurt is important not only for bone and teeth due to the calcium it contains but also for muscle functions and nerve conduction because of the magnesium and potassium it contains. Probiotics in yogurt are very useful for the digestive system and intestinal flora.

Probiotics protect the natural flora of the intestine from any harmful organisms that cause disease. Most of the immune system cells are found in the intestines, and the strength of the intestines means that the immune system is also strong. Yogurt strengthens both the intestinal flora and the immune system thanks to the probiotics it contains. As it regulates the intestinal flora, it reduces the risk of colon cancer and increases resistance to allergic diseases because it strengthens immunity. Yogurt has a low lactose content compared to milk. Therefore, yogurt consumption is suitable for individuals who cannot tolerate milk.

100 grams of yogurt contains 4.5 grams of protein. High protein foods, such as yogurt, are always more satisfying than low-protein foods while promoting muscle development. Yogurt is also rich in calcium. Calcium is a mineral that provides bones and teeth to be strong. Calcium from yogurt accelerates fat burning. Yogurt also contains potassium, phosphorus, riboflavin, iodine, zinc, vitamins A, E and B. This makes the yogurt a powerful protector against gastrointestinal disorders, bad cholesterol leading to hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases. It was also determined that breast cancer risk decreased as a result of the consumption of fermented dairy products, especially yogurt. Yogurt has many health benefits. These can be listed as follows:

  • Yogurt contains all the components by which lactic acid bacteria convert milk components into metabolic products useful in human nutrition.
  • Especially people with lactose intolerance can easily consume yogurt-like products instead of milk. Lactose intolerance occurs in the deficiency of the enzyme that breaks down lactose in the human body. Since lactose is converted into lactic acid in yogurt, enzyme deficiency is not a problem.
  • The beneficial bacteria that are produced as a result of fermentation during the production of yogurt increase the intestinal motility, accelerate the operation of the intestines and absorb the toxic substances formed in the large intestine and cause them to be thrown out. It also lowers cholesterol levels and maintains blood sugar levels.
  • The increase in the dry matter of milk during the production of yogurt increases the concentration of milk proteins. Therefore, due to the high protein content and the high biological usefulness of the proteins, the importance of yogurt for nutrition increases.
  • Although fat is known to promote cardiovascular diseases, yogurt should be included in certain sizes in a daily diet for a balanced diet. In particular, some of the energy needed by children and young people is met through milk fat.

  • Although the relationship between yogurt consumption and the formation of cancer cells has not been fully elucidated, studies show that regular yogurt consumption can reduce the risk of breast and uterine cancer.
  • Studies show that regular consumption of milk and dairy products (yogurt, cheese) reduces the risk of high blood pressure.
  • Yogurt with a high protein content is a good choice after an intense workout. Protein is necessary for the muscles to recover. In addition, carbohydrates in yogurt fill the depleting stores of muscles after heavy exercise.
  • Calcium is essential for strong bones and healthy teeth. Yogurt is a very good source of calcium. This calcium is used directly to the bones when the body receives enough calcium. In this sense, the importance of yogurt appears in the prevention of osteoporosis. Thanks to the combination of calcium and vitamin D in yogurt, it provides the strengthening of bones. Vitamin D also helps to store calcium.
  • It has an important role in strengthening the immune system. 3-4 servings of yogurt per day play a role in the fight against disease and infection and support the formation of a stronger defense system.

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