Can Honey Make You Fat: Effects of Honey on Weight Control

First of all, in order to answer this question correctly, we need to know the answer to the questions of how much honey is consumed, what other foods are consumed during the day, how often they are consumed, and for whom we are talking about which metabolism. Because whether it is a woman or a man, doing sports, the tempo of his/her work, and the daily calorie amount he/she burns definitely affect the answer to this question. Even if it is the most harmless food, for any food we can say that if the calorie intake is more than the number of calories burned that day, you will gain weight.

In general terms, it can be said that benefiting from many advantages of honey and using it as a natural sweetener does not make you fat if not exaggerated. Quitting the sugar use and using honey as a sweetener instead with the right amount also prevents unnecessary calorie intake. But if you overdo it, honey can make you gain weight. In some diets for getting thinner, experts recommend honey use instead of sugar. One small tablespoon of honey contains 30 calories. Although it seems to contain a lot of calories in small amounts compared to other foods, it contains average or even fewer calories compared to the foods it is used as a replacement. However, it should be remembered that you should not exaggerate the consumption of honey.

Using honey instead of sugar would be the right choice. It is stated by experts that the consumption of honey by the right amounts (for example, one teaspoon every morning) will not cause weight gain, both because of the benefits of honey consumption and its a natural sweetener. As with every food, too much honey should not be consumed, and other foods consumed during the day should also be taken into consideration to avoid getting more calories. At the same time, honey, produced naturally and stored properly, contains high amounts of antibacterial components. Therefore, consuming honey provides protection against diseases by strengthening immunity.

Honey is included in diet lists as “a spoon every morning” or “a spoon dissolved in water”. The reason why dietitians include honey in their diet lists is that honey allows us to stay fit during the day, to be more energetic, and not to feel weakness. In other words, if we use the right amounts, we can obtain the energy required from honey even for our daily sports. Honey is good for problems with digestion, gas, and indigestion in the stomach. In this way, it helps to cleanse the intestines and accelerate digestion. Thanks to the high amount of protein it contains, it also prevents fatigue that may occur during a diet.

Does Honey Cause You to Get Fat?

Everyone knows that honey is beneficial. Honey, which is very rich in nutritional value, is also excellent in taste. Honey is used not only as a food but also in skincare or lip peeling. When we have flu, it protects us against infections and helps us gain strength. Then let’s share the details of the question of whether honey gains weight. We are in the summer months and we need to pay attention to our weight. To answer how much weight the honey makes you gain, look at how much honey you consume per day. If you do not consume it in an exaggerated way, honey will not cause you to gain weight. On the contrary, people on a diet can consume honey.

Honey is also recommended by dieticians to be consumed during the day, which is because it can replenish the energy and fuel which is reduced due to reduced food consumption when following a diet. We can get our energy needs from honey, and honey will be useful food for people with digestive difficulties. At the same time, if you stay away from sweets and candies in order not to gain weight, you can get your dessert needs from honey. Thanks to the high protein it contains, it also prevents fatigue. One small tablespoon of honey contains 30 calories and although it has more calories than other foods, it contains even fewer calories compared to the sugary foods. However, I should also mention that the excess consumption of honey is not useful. If you cannot drink your tea without adding sugar, it will be more useful to use honey instead of sugar.

Can Honey Cause Weight Gain?

Whether honey or other foodstuffs, no nutrient alone causes weight gain or weight loss. Losing weight is completely related to a person’s general eating habits and lifestyle. In this context, there is no clear answer to the question of whether honey gains weight because gaining and losing weight are processes that depend on many factors. However, according to a common perception in our society, honey is launched as a weight gain food due to its sugar content. The reason for this is the effect that many sweet foods gain weight directly. However, even though it is not a fruit since all the processes that start with the production of honey include herbal ingredients, fructose in honey varieties is more than many foods, which is a type of sugar that does not cause problems even in some types of diabetes when it is not consumed excessively.

As a result of a scientific study titled “Letters in Drug Design & Discovery” published in 2011, it was seen that mice fed with honey and other fat & sugar mixed foods gained weight very quickly compared to mice consuming mainly honey as sugar. Even if such a determination has not been officially done on humans yet, the most rational answer to the question of whether honey gains weight is given by the result of this research. In addition, another experiment on rats in 2008 showed that there are no major changes in weight gain/loss rates between mice fed 0 sugary foods and mice consuming only honey as sugar. If we think in this sense, it is possible to say that the sugar contained in honey is quite harmless compared to other sugary foods (except fruits).

If we continue with the question of whether honey makes weight gain, one thing that confuses people is the number of calories contained in honey varieties. When we think that 1 tablespoon of honey contains 64 calories on average, it is natural to think of honey as a food that can have a weight gain effect in terms of calorie value. However, it should not be forgotten that many foods that we consume in daily life have much more calories in smaller amounts. For example, if we calculate that a sugar cube has 20-45 calories and that people generally use more than 1 cube sugar, we can realize that removing the other sugars from our lives and meeting our sugar needs only with honey will not have a weight gain effect.

However, if we make an induction again about the other sugary foods from the sugar cube sample, we realize that when compared to the calories they contain, the sweet feeling and the amount of sugar provided by all sugary foods, honey is one of the natural foods that can meet your sugar needs with the lowest calories. In addition, since the vitamins, minerals and amino acids contained in honey will help your body to do longer and more efficient sports activities when a proper diet and exercise program is applied, honey is considered as a nutritional aid rather than a weight gain agent, especially for people who exercise regularly.

Because by consuming certain amounts of honey before and after the exercises, it is possible to minimize the general resistance loss that the human body will experience in long-term sustaining sports activities. Again, it is observed that honey is a constant nutrient in the content of many mixtures that speed up the fat-burning to be prepared for losing weight and getting high energy with low calories. If we pack it, does honey gain weight? Although the answer to the question varies depending on many factors, it is possible to say that with the right exercise and diet, honey even accelerates weight loss.

Honey and Calorie Calculation

Honey is one of the rare foods that do not spoil. So, what about its calorie value? As long as honey is not consumed too much, it is among the foods that do not cause you to gain weight or even help you to lose weight. In the rest of the article, I will talk about the benefits of honey for weight loss. 1 tablespoon of honey has 64 calories. This ratio is 5% of a 1200 calorie diet, and 3-4% of 1500-1800 calorie diets.

Honey calorie ruler:

  • 1 teaspoon of honey 22 calories
  • 1 tablespoon of honey 64 calories
  • 28 grams of honey 86 calories
  • 100 grams of honey 304 calories
  • 1 cup of honey 1031 calories

In a study published in the January 2011 issue of “Nutrition Research”, it was found that honey consumption prevented weight gain by decreasing the amount of food taken. In this study, the positive effects of honey on cholesterol levels were also determined. Honey has several benefits to slimming, according to a study in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. In the study, scientists compared the effects of honey and sugar on the body in healthy women and found that honey had less effect on blood sugar than sugar. Rapid changes in blood sugar caused by white sugar can trigger hunger and cause weight gain. Honey also relaxes digestion, thereby helping to lose weight.

Despite its high sugar content, honey can balance the blood sugar rate and reduce the amount of sugar stored as fat. Although honey is a more suitable food for slimming compared to sugar, it still needs to be consumed without overdoing it. If you are consuming sugary foods and drinks, replace it with honey versions to lose weight. Since honey is a good equivalent of sugar, it can be added to different beverages such as tea and lemon juice. Our body cannot get the nutrients it needs because of eating less while trying to lose weight. Honey is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. In the process of losing weight, when you need sugar and dessert, you can eliminate your vitamin and mineral deficiency by consuming honey. Although sweeteners are not generally used in diet programs, honey may be an exception. Honey protects cells from harm and genetic mutation with its antimicrobial properties and antioxidant content. As long as it is consumed in moderation, honey can be considered as a healthy food.

Eating Honey Actually Can Make You Lose Weight

Honey, which is one of the most healing nutrients that can be consumed in tables in the form of honeycomb and strained honey, is one of the most miraculous sources that you can benefit in terms of both health and weight loss. Honey, which is also recommended by dietitians, can help you slim down, making it easier for you to have a fit body. If you like to eat honey, you can lose weight with honey diets. So, how to lose weight with raw honey? Does eating honey make weight gain? Here are the miraculous benefits of honey on weight loss.

Honey is one of the food sources consumed with love with its delicious taste left on the palate. You can benefit your body by not consuming too much honey, which you can also use in many areas such as skin health and cough treatment. Honey, which is used to provide healing from past to present with its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, is effective not only in health but also in weight loss in a diet. Although sugar is not recommended in the foods that women who want to lose weight can consume during the diet program, honey consumption is extremely beneficial in terms of losing weight.

The difference between sugar cubes used in tea or mixtures in daily life and honey, which is a natural sweetener, is that the sugar in honey is not the same as the type of unhealthy snacks and candies. Contrary to the harm of consumption of sugar cubes or other sugary products, you can consume honey, which is known for its metabolism-accelerating properties, in your diet.

Raw honey, which is used to cleanse the body by removing harmful toxins, activates the metabolism with minerals and vitamins in its essence, allowing you to burn calories more quickly. When you wake up in the morning, you can feel fullness in your stomach with 1 teaspoon of raw honey, cinnamon, and warm water without throwing anything in your mouth. You can also consume honey, which helps the digestive system to work regularly, to support your exercises to lose weight. It prevents muscle loss by putting 2 teaspoons of honey in 1 liter of water during sports and adding some lemon juice. You can lose weight easily with this mixture that is perfect for easing the fatigue after sports movements are finished.

Does a Spoonful of Honey Eaten Before Bed Really Make You Thinner?

The answer to such a question is, in any case, will cause weight gain, right? But this is not the case. Eating a spoonful of honey before bedtime helps the body to get thinner. When we look at this news, we may think it is too good to be true, but Nutritionist Mike McInnes says that honey helps weight loss as a result of scientific research. Honey accelerates metabolism, suppresses the desire for sugar, and most importantly helps burn fat even while we sleep. Of course, it is not the honey made by the bees that are fed by sugar syrup, or honey mixed with corn syrup.

Research by Mike McInnes turned the unique combination of honey into natural sugars, making it a perfect food to help lose weight. A tablespoon of honey mixed into a hot drink before bedtime suddenly turns off the mechanism that creates the desire for sugar in the brain. The reason many of us fail to lose weight is due to eating too much sugar and processed food. In other words, when we say sugar, we do not only think of sugars or candies that we have in tea but also processed carbohydrates. When we consume too much ‘harmful sugar’, the body creates a mechanism to protect brain cells, and this time the brain remains hungry. That’s why people’s desire to eat something sweet never ends.

According to McInnes, if we stay away from harmful sugars and meet our sugar needs, we could lose 1 or 1.5 pounds a week. Moreover, as long as it is made with honey instead of sugar, we can even consume junk food. However, McInnes also drops a few notes for those who want to lose weight; You should definitely take the potato out of your life, you should not consume carbohydrates for once each week, and you should consume some protein at every meal.

The Honey Program That Makes You Lose 5 Pounds in Three Days

DAY 1:

  • Breakfast

Mix 2 egg yolks with 1 teaspoon of honey and eat.
Unsweetened lemonade, coffee or tea

  • Lunch

100 grams of cheese + 50 grams of cooked cauliflower, + 50 grams of boiled carrots + 50 grams of boiled broccoli.
Mix and consume in a blender.
Mix a teaspoon of honey into the tea or coffee.

  • Dinner

Vegetable soup,
A piece of whole-grain bread
1 apple / pear / orange

DAY 2:

  • Breakfast

Mix 2 egg yolks with 1 teaspoon of honey and eat.
Unsweetened lemonade, coffee or tea

  • Lunch

Mix and eat soft-boiled eggs, a teaspoon of honey, and 100 g of lean cheese.
Unsweetened lemonade, coffee or tea

  • Dinner

150 grams of fish or chicken fillets,
Vegetable salad with lots of lemon and

DAY 3:

  • Breakfast

Mix 2 egg yolks with 1 teaspoon of honey and eat.
Unsweetened lemonade, coffee or tea
1 fresh apple

  • Lunch

50 grams of cheese,
Homemade unsweetened lemonade
A slice of rye bread
Fresh vegetables (up to 1 cup)

  • Dinner

300 grams of cooked vegetables,
Eat one soft-boiled egg and one teaspoon of honey together.
A cup of tea or coffee.

Weight Loss Honey Blends

Honey Mix Recipe Providing Fast Fat Burning


  • 2 teaspoons of raw honey
  • Half a lemon
  • 1 glass of water

Preparation: First boil 1 glass of water and squeeze the juice of half fresh lemon. Add 1 teaspoon of honey on top of the lemon juice, add the honey when the water warms and mix. Consume it when you are hungry in the morning.

Herbal Honey Cure For Weight Loss Before Bedtime

Garlic + Lemon + Honey

You can make it easier to lose weight in a healthy way with lemon, garlic, and honey, which are a powerful source of antioxidants, and a wonderful herbal cure. Squeeze half a lemon juice into a clean bowl and grate 2 cloves of garlic or prepare the mixture in small pieces. After waiting for a while, drink with half a glass of warm water and 1 teaspoon of honey at bedtime.

Honey Can Be Used in Weight Loss Diets

In order for honey not to gain weight, you should first know how much you should consume honey. As honey is a high-calorie food, it is a food source to be carefully consumed. For this reason, one should not overdo it when consuming honey. If you do not have any illnesses (such as diabetes or obesity), if you are a healthy individual, it is okay to consume a few teaspoons of honey at breakfast. However, considering the high-calorie level of honey, whether you have discomfort or not, excessive consumption of honey can cause both your weight to increase and your health to deteriorate.

Honey can be consumed by mixing it in milk. It can be consumed by adding honey on a piece of bread. The most commonly used form of honey is the one where it is consumed by applying butter and honey on bread. But this is wrong. By combining three foods high in carbs such as bread, butter, and honey, we will combine a lot of calories. The correct use is to consume honey not with fatty foods, but with protein-based foods. Since consuming honey in breakfasts will ensure that we spend the day energetically, it is the rightest time. Especially those who have weight problems and diabetics should stay away from honey.

Lose 10 Pounds Easily With Honey Diet!

Honey diet is the most curious type of diet among the most preferred diets today! Our diet experts always tell us to stay away from sweet foods. When it comes to diet, people cannot match it with honey. However, many people get their ideal size with the honey diet. Using honey instead of using sugar both keeps your blood sugar in balance and gives you a full feeling. For this reason, you do not feel any fatigue or weakness as in other diets.

Honey diet is a very simple diet. Since your blood sugar is balanced, you are also energetic and fit. We got cold from time to time during the winter and we stayed in our homes and offices to protect ourselves from the cold, our bodies got bigger and we gained weight. Summer is approaching now, and it’s time to lose weight! In order to be able to diet and lose weight, you should do regular walks, exercises, and this diet! Thus, you should say goodbye to your extra weights in a healthy way!

In the honey diet, if you eat 1.5 spoonfuls of a genuine and quality jar of honey every night, pay attention to your eating and drinking during the day, and do some daily exercise (activities such as a light walk, sports equipment with sports equipment), it means that you are very close to the ideal weight that you want. Almost everyone can follow the honey diet. However, high blood pressure patients should not be on a honey diet. People with diabetes should also ask their doctors before following this diet. When dieting, the primary goal should not be a proper physique or tight appearance. Our first goal in the diet should be a healthy and fit appearance. You can reach your ideal weight by benefiting from the honey diet and regular exercise programs.

Before the summer comes, you can get rid of the winter weight with a honey diet. Being effective in coughs and many other diseases, honey is also very useful for slimming. Do not forget that if you eat 1.5 spoons every night before going to sleep every night, it is possible to lose 3.5 to 5 pounds a month if you are away from high-calorie foods, especially desserts, and if you spend time in exercise and sports. With this diet, you lose weight with getting the protein and vitamins you need. I recommend you to try this diet that is so easy to apply and get results.

Pre-Meal Honey Diet

100 grams of honey is worth 304 kcal. A lot of work has been done to continue the relationship between honey and weight control, and it continues. It has clearly demonstrated that honey is not a factor in weight gain alone. The negative results obtained are related to excessive consumption. This is not a situation that is specific to honey. It is possible to see a similar relationship when other foods are consumed too much.

In the light of scientific researches, it is pleasing to see that honey has a clean record in gaining weight. My suggestion is that honey can be used to lose weight. Eating a few teaspoons of honey five minutes before breakfast and meals will suppress the appetite. In this case, as the amount of food you need to consume at the meal will decrease, and thus, you will enter a new process in weight loss and control period. If you apply this method every time you feel hungry, it will be seen that the process progresses successfully.

Losing Weight With Honey: Benefits of Using Honey Instead of Sugar

If you are trying to lose weight, you should stop consuming refined sugar and use honey instead. Also, drinking a glass of water with a little honey and cinnamon in your empty stomach will help you lose weight. Many people do not believe that they can use honey when dieting. The most common method for people trying to lose weight is to minimize sugar consumption or quit using it completely. However, by sweetening your drinks and foods with honey instead of refined sugar, you can achieve a richer taste and benefit from the natural thinning properties of honey.

You can use honey while dieting to lose weight because it has fewer calories than sugar (1 teaspoon of sugar is 21 calories while 1 teaspoon of honey is 16 calories), and since it is sweeter than sugar, you can obtain less sugar by tasting the desired sugar taste. Refined sugar has no nutritional value and its only purpose is to make food sweet. In contrast, honey contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. In addition, it has many therapeutic and healing properties, such as reducing stress, regulating sleep, affecting respiratory diseases, and running the intestines. It reduces our stress and anxiety levels and allows us to rest better at night. Thus, at night we feel like having fewer “snacks” and feel less hungry when we wake up in the morning. Remember, there is a direct link between the factors that cause insomnia and stress and gaining weight.

One of the most interesting features of honey is that it is burned slower than sugar by our body. In this way, it prevents sudden energy outlets that are depleted in a short time, thus it is a good option for physically active people. It is a very effective method to consume a small amount of honey before and after the exercises, to increase the performance by balancing the glucose levels and to prevent fatigue.

The best-known recipe for losing weight with honey is to drink a glass of water with a tablespoon of honey and a little cinnamon. You can also eat a few apple slices, a little bit of cheese, and half a teaspoon of honey as a snack. For a healthy breakfast, you can prepare beautiful oatmeal using milk and honey. In order to reach your desired weight and benefit from the healing properties of honey, you should completely remove the refined sugars in your life. You should use this natural sweetener to help you lose weight and be healthy.

Best Honey Products to Help Controlling Your Weight

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