10 Best Honey Pots to Buy

Do you effectively possess enriching hand towels, extravagant gathering dishware, and agreeable materials? It is safe to say that you are searching for another approach to manage liberal wedding visitors in their blessing giving? Provided that this is true, you may consider doing a “honey pot” when arranging your wedding. Honey pots are an inexorably predominant library alternative that enables visitors to contribute to special first-night encounters like dinners, hotels, and exercises.

A few patterns have added to the honey pot’s ongoing development in fame over the customary vault. By and large, couples are getting hitched sometime down the road, and regularly cohabitate and manufacture a home together well before their wedding date. The necessities are typically gained during this period, discrediting the requirement for a library. Recent college grads and more youthful ages are likewise putting a heavier premium on encounters and travel rather than substantial belongings, particularly as living spaces shrivel.

Moreover, numerous couples are currently either somewhat or completely subsidizing their weddings, leaving less room in the spending that would have gone toward vacation. While this is a vault elective that more youthful and less-conventional visitors are frequently energetic about, it is imperative to remember others may like to give material blessings. Just you and your accomplice will have the option to pass judgment on how conventional your list if people to attend is.

To suit the two sides of the passageway, decorum specialists prescribe making a crossover vault that incorporates a honey pot and an ordinary library. You should choose to cause the honey pot responsibility, to be thoughtful and careful when telling visitors about it. Underscore on your wedding site or through welcomes that the nearness of loved ones on your huge day is a sufficient blessing, yet on the off chance that they might want to add to your new coexistence, a little money blessing would go toward your honey pot.

The money or check blessing is a typical course for some, yet frequently visitors want to give gift vouchers so they realize their cash will be put to a particular use. Gift vouchers to carriers or lodging brands fill a similar need. Making a physical vault with a movement topic likewise permits visitors who like to give unmistakable blessings the choice to do as such, and skill sets you and your accomplice up for a superior special first night experience. All things considered, the greater part of us could utilize new gear.

To evade parties feeling that the honey pot is simply a cheap, indirect path for a “money get,” and to guarantee blessing suppliers don’t think they gave cash to some self-assertive corner of your utility bills, be innovative by the way you say thanks to them. For example, turn a photograph of the particular honey pot-financed dinner, action or experience into a postcard, rather than utilizing ordinary notes to say thanks. When posting photographs via web-based networking media of your sentimental feast spread, make certain to tag and thank the individual capable.

The honey pot is one of the quickest developing specialties in the wedding business. With many library locales to filter through, it’s critical to look into which alternative is best for you. Most will take a level of endowments given (Honeyfund, the most mainstream honey pot stage, takes 2.8% of blessings made through its site). For those exploring moral subtleties, a few destinations, enable couples to pick philanthropy to get a level of the endowments, while the rest is gone into the honey pot.

Whenever executed effectively, the correct honey pot can make your loved ones feel like they added to rare encounters for you and your accomplice – and spare you cupboard space from that second blender you don’t generally require. In this article, you can find the best 10 honey pots as gifts and their qualities and prices.

1) Handmade Honey Pot

Material: Ceramic

You are going to cherish this high-quality honey pot! The entirety of our things is carefully assembled with quality materials and structures. We trust you appreciate this little charming pot for putting away your honey as much as we delighted in making them! These honey pots store roughly 5 oz. Much obliged to you for making a trip to look at our things and have an extraordinary day.


We were first acquainted with the universe of earthenware in the late 1970s. After 40+ long stretches of getting our hands filthy, we need to impart our craft to the world.


After raising a family and seeking after professions outside of the workmanship world, we were moved back to an affection we always remembered about. Every one of our works is gladly made like a couple of pairs.


We need to help spread craftsmanship to the world! We expect to do only that by fusing our manifestations into objects showed day by day around your homes.

Price: $36

You can buy from here.

2) Honey Pot Rostock

Material: Ceramic

This is one of their completely top picks and everyone is giving just in great hands. Our honey pot is coated with white shading.

You can utilize it for honey, yet also as a can for various other stuff like flavors. Every one of our items is singed extremely high (1220 °C). So it is sheltered to use for nourishment and you can utilize it in the microwave and the broiler. Likewise, you can place it into the dishwasher, however, you have dry it after.

All items are unadulterated handwork, so they are not actually like one another. Each item is one of a kind, so they can be variate at the measure up to 1-2 cm (High, the lady of the hour). The embellishing Items, which you can see in our photographs, are excluded.


  • Weight: 470 g
  • Center: 11,5 cm
  • High: 8 cm

Price: $40

You can buy from here.

3) Sugar Bowl With Grooves – Pottery Small Honey Pot

New plan! contracted down my honey pot to make a little sugar bowl! It can likewise be utilized as a little honey pot. It’s so delightful! I tossed it out of porcelain and included depressions for a decent surface. Excessively adorable. This posting is for the sugar bowl as it were. Wooden spoon or honeycomb stick is incorporated.

  • Specially made – takes 3 a month
  • Measure about 3″ wide by 4″ tall
  • Nourishment safe, microwave safe, hand washing prescribed.
  • It makes an incredible blessing!
  • On the off chance that you live in the Twin Cities region, nearby pickup is accessible.

Price: $38

You can buy from here.

4) Winnie the Pooh Honey Pot

These hand made Hunny Pots are incredible for taking home gifts, focus pieces, design, or an accomplice to your Winnie the Pooh ensemble. It comes in plastic or dirt and as envisioned except if generally determined.

Price: $5

You can buy from here.

5) White Honey Pot

This sweet ceramics honey container is both lovely and viable. It is made on earthenware wheel with a speck of beige spotted dirt. The body and the cover are covered in a white coating. The a la mode holder on the cover gives the bowl a shrewd and chic look. The top has a little pattern to effortlessly suit a scoop stick.

Even though I have alluded to it as a honey pot, it would likewise be appropriate for jam/jam, or chutney. This exceptionally appealing thing will add elegance to any table. It will be an extraordinary present for Rosh Hashanah. The container holds a cup of honey.


  • 3″high x 3.2″ measurement.
  • 8 cm. high x 8.5 cm. measurement.
  • Holds – 1 cups of honey.


This posting is for ONE (1) honey pot and a coordinating scoop stick. It is made to order.

  • All items are human, dishwasher, stove and microwave safe, and are recognized by slight varieties in shading and surface. They are on the whole carefully assembled with affection and are exceptional.
  • Ready to Ship in 4-5 weeks.

This piece is prepared to send in 4 a month and a half as I need time to art and immaculate your thing. Your bundle will show up 1 a month after it withdraws from us, contingent upon where it’s going. All transportation costs are to the detriment of the purchaser.

Price: $40

You can buy from here.

6) Olive Wood Honey Pot

Keep your Olive Wood protests quite a while, washing them rapidly with mellow foamy water, flush and dry them right away. Time to time, feed them with a delicate fabric dampened with olive oil. Try not to absorb water and don’t wash in the dishwasher.

Tallness: 4.72 Inches

The distance across 2.5 inches

Price: $20

You can buy from here.

7) Polar Bear Food Storage Ceramic Honey Pot


On the off chance that you make a buy now, your bundle won’t land on time before Christmas! Splendid and wonderful container with a polar bear! Agreeable shape, simple to wash and clean. It tends to be utilized for tea, espresso, honey, sugar or salt or your preferred flavors. Rich hues and lively creatures face will bring a positive state of mind and will be an incredible expansion to your comfortable kitchen! Various types of creatures are accessible, so you can consolidate them and make a clever home zoo!


  • Tallness (with top) 13 cm \ 5,1 in
  • Tallness (without top) 9 cm \ 3,5 in
  • The distance across 10 cm \ 3,9 in
  • Limit 400 ml \ 13 fl oz

The container is made physically on a potter’s wheel, with formed gag, ears, paws, tail. It is secured with sans lead coat, can be washed in the dishwasher. If you don’t mind abstain from utilizing it in a microwave and an open fire. The white bear is prepared to transport. Different hues are accessible, preparing time is 3-5 days.

In light of handwork, a container can have hints of carefully assembled and slight contrasts from what you see at the photos – distinction of size or coating shading. In any case, you will like it! You can get in touch on any inquiry concerning my generation/conveyance by utilizing the “Pose an Inquiry”.

Price: $48

You can buy from here.

8) Faux Dunn Honey Pot


This sweet minimal honey pot is SO charming. It estimates 4″ and has a honey spot connected. The pot is swarmed with small honey bees making it look astonishing in your showcase. The pot is clay with a Faux Dunn vinyl decal joined.

**This isn’t Rae Dunn in any case, roused by her assortments.

Price: $20

You can buy from here.

9) Teal Blue Honey Pot


Material: Clay

◾️Sugar Bowl with Lid is an ideal home for 285 grams of sugar or honey or jam, EASY ACCESSIBLE WITH the HANDLE ON TOP it can likewise be set on the counter or the table as its peculiar structure includes a spot of shading.

◾️Our spotted plan is TOO PRETTY TO BE HIDDEN AWAY in the pantry, regardless of whether you use it as a sugar bowl or a honey pot our sugar bowl makes an extraordinary expansion to your kitchen.

◾️Every single piece is exclusively HANDMADE and HAND-PAINTED via minding hands to guarantee your high caliber and rich eating involvement in your family or companions.

◾️Our runs are MICROWAVE and DISHWASHER SAFE significance less time cleaning in the kitchen additional time unwinding and having a ton of fun.

◾️Use this item easily in your home knowing to utilize ECO-FRIENDLY items and contributing towards feasible living – our range is naturally benevolent utilizing sun based boards to warm the oven and save the timberland.


  • Stature 4inch/10.5 cm
  • Width 4inch/10.5 cm
  • Volume 10oz/30cl

Price: $35

You can buy from here.

10) Eggplant Handmade Honey Pot


Materials: Dirt, Stoneware

This 2 cup honey pot is extraordinary for nearby honey! Accompanies a honey wand. Shading: Eggplant, rich varieties of purple.

Measures: Around 4″ tall and 4″ wide at the greatest point.

They work together in the production of the entirety of our ceramics, with a guarantee to toughness, work, and happiness. Our coatings are one of a kind and made by us. The entirety of our piece:

  • Lead-Free
  • Food Safe
  • Dishwasher, Microwave & Oven Safe

This piece would make a great present for yourself or somebody you know. Delivery USPS Priority Mail. 2-3 Day Delivery. If you don’t mind note that real hues may differ from what you see on your screen contingent upon your screen settings. A few coatings likewise appear to be fundamentally unique in various kinds of light. It would be ideal if you let us know whether you need any additional data.

Price: $50

You can buy from here.

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